Gods of Love Who Tame the Chaos ~ Pluto Station Direct

Gods of Love Who Tame the Chaos


Pluto is stationing at 12 degrees in Capricorn on September 24th, 2015 and will begin moving direct thereafter. This will end Pluto’s retrograde that began nearly 6 months ago in mid- April. Think back to that time. What emotional, financial, or physical obstacles can be left behind now in the momentum of Pluto’s forward motion? Pluto acts upon the primacy of truth and is known to remove delusions, but sometimes we resist our own liberation and suffer greatly through the processes of transformation, destruction, and upheaval. Knowing that some aspects of ourselves must die in order for us to move forward can make the phenomenon of regeneration in our life feel like full-blown Chaos.

This particular transit will be in an exact square with retrograde Mercury, also at 12 degrees, in the sign of Libra. The dynamic between Pluto in Capricorn and retrograde Mercury in Libra will produce tension between your traditional judgments (Capricorn) and the consequences (Libra) that follow. Try not to succumb to your routine naivete or prejudices for this is an ideal moment to allow these planetary currents to pull you into better alignment with whatever healing you need.

Life right now may seem “wild at heart and weird on top”, full of disbelief and anomaly. Whenever a planet stations (meaning when it goes direct or retrograde) you will feel it very strongly, especially if it is in a hard aspect with another planet. Therefore, in tandem with the Pluto/Mercury Rx square, prepare to receive a gift of awareness: some might call it an epiphany, but it may be a more subtle realization. Expect a situation or event that initiates you into a new level of consciousness and compassion. 

pluto.jpgea802968-32bb-4cb3-bbf8-ec6da4106dcfLargerPluto’s station direct will bring a foreshadowing of Sunday’s lunar eclipse, (September 27/28) where the luminous dark will obscure your mundane mentality. The square with Mercury helps us to see what subterranean motives underlie our behaviors.  You will behold the source of your own power behind the scenes, as you see the fault lines that underlie your weaknesses. Pluto’s native sign of Scorpio lends the intuition required for psychology and therefore all interpretations of the subconscious, unconscious, and shadow aspects of personality. These major Pluto transits are the natural times to explore your own depths, whether that is through art, therapy, or ritual is entirely up to you.

Demeter and Persephone celebrating the Eleusinian Mysteries. 5th-century BC. National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Image source: Wikipedia ​

Demeter and Persephone celebrating the Eleusinian Mysteries. 5th-century BC. National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Image source: Wikipedia ​

The sign of Scorpio, and therefore Pluto, is defined by the triumvirate of transformation: sex, mystery and death. Mystery, defined by secrecy and an inexplicable nature, prompts the seeker to strive to penetrate the veil drawn between the living and the dead and to know the unknowable. This is as true now as it was in the ancient world. In fact, the famed mystery cults of ancient Greece were based upon myths that revolved around cathartic encounters with Pluto, god of the Underworld. 

Now the planet Pluto’s station direct comes just one day after the fall equinox, which is significant in underworld mythology as well. In ancient Greece, the fall was associated with the goddess Persephone’s melancholic return to the Underworld, to sit on the throne as Hades’ Queen. The Persephone myth was the basis for the Eleusinian Mysteries, that ritualized the cycle of the Earth in its transmutation of light into darkness and darkness into light.

The Orphic Mysteries, were also based upon a Plutonian myth that told of the divinely gifted poet/musician Orpheus, who was given his famous lyre by none other than Mercury himself. The story describes how Orpheus was so overcome by grief when his lover Eurydice died that he descended into the underworld to plead for her life. Orpheus, being so skilled in his art, was able to express the profound truth of Love. In Edith Hamilton’s translation of this myth, originally told by Virgil and Ovid, Orpheus’ song of love, “Drew iron tears down Pluto’s cheek, and made Hell grant what Love did seek.”

Orpheus by Franz Von Stuck (1891)

Orpheus by Franz Von Stuck (1891)

This story of Pluto’s yielding sympathy for the poet Orpheus is a prime example of what Samuel Coleridge was referring to when he described Poets as the “Gods of Love who tame the Chaos.Despite all the association with death and destruction, Pluto is not entirely dispassionate. In times of tumultuous change, the Truth is what will set you free and that truth comes from deep feeling without shame.

 “Idly talk they who speak of Poets as mere Death Mask of Samuel Taylor Coleridgeindulgers of Fancy, Imagination, Superstition-
– they are. . .the Purifiers, the true Protoplasts, 
Gods of Love who tame the Chaos.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1804)

From the energy of Pluto we can learn that Mystery is not explored by accepting the utter finality of death, but is instead revealed through recognizing its potential for rejuvenation. Let the tension that arises from this transit illuminate the unrealized mercy and boundless love that lives within you. As Pluto turns direct once more, ask yourself the question: “What am I in love with about life?” Your answers will be truly inspired.

Orpheus, by Karoly Ferenczy, 1894.

Orpheus, by Karoly Ferenczy, 1894.

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