Memories and Daydreams ~ October 5 – 11

Memories and Daydreams ~ October 5th – October 11th

Time is a relative experience. Time is what offers a point of perspective that creates the subjective experience of growth and development. The experience of life as you know it in the present moment is the relationship between your consciousness and time. However, despite the precision of the atomic clock and the predictable rotation of the earth, there is never a standardized experience of time, for the past and the future are conceived of in your imagination. This is why some hours are agonizingly long and some years feel abruptly curtailed. You probably categorize your memory as being a “real” examination of life and your daydreams of the future as being mere fantasy. However, both of these evocations of the mind depend upon the imagination. Very much like daydreams, memories are well-known to be less factual than they are vivid. Colored, shaped and accentuated by imagination, the experience of memory and daydreams are both a certain kind of “trip” you can go on. The imagination of what is behind you and of what is before you is the stream of consciousness crystallized through the medium of time.

Architecture of Inner Peace Mandala by Mark Golding

Architecture of Inner Peace Mandala by Mark Golding

This week will be one where we can attempt to ignore our perception of the quantities of time in favor of qualities of time, which are what make time truly relative. Rather than fretting about time slipping away from us, we can seek to use the imagination to create the most vivid and exciting visions of our past and future. Tasting a piece of ripe fruit with full attention on its sweetness and juice always bring more satisfaction. If you can attempt to treat your imagination like this, calling forth full sensation, you can be satiated by the memory of brief moments of ecstasy and feel inspired by small glimmerings of your unrealized future. Exercising and enlivening the imagination is the only way to change beliefs and make your life magical.

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Monday/Tuesday: The Ten of Cups

Monday begins in a tranquil state of emotional well-being, which the Moon in Cancer is supportive of. It is interesting because it may be that there are still many stresses and unresolved problems in your life, but you are responding by finding inner peace rather than crippling anxiety. Notice how the response of peace and calm in the face of adversity is the strongest position you can be in. Remember this feeling vividly, so that in the future you can find it again more easily. Tuesday, Mercury Retrograde in Libra will sextile Saturn in Sagittarius giving you an excellent time to reshape your philosophies and beliefs in the direction of what is harmonious and beneficial for your life. These foundational shifts will result in profound improvements in your self-esteem, cultivating a much more beautiful inner world.

Wednesday/Thursday: The 9 of Wands

Mercury is in its last days of retrograde and the anticipation of release from something will begin to be felt. There is an activation of fire on Wednesday! The Moon is in Leo and therefore, trines Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. The repose found at the beginning of the week will exchange itself for a sense of excitement and inspiration. Any new fears which arise from impending change can be better dealt with now mentally after all this practice with finding emotionally stable responses to stress. Rather than feeling burned you should feel fueled. On Thursday, Venus will move into Virgo, where Mars and Jupiter currently are, which will certainly shift you into some knowledge of how you can better serve others for the benefit of all. Venus in Virgo is not as overtly dramatic as Venus in Leo, nor is it as ego-maniacal. Some of those qualities will cool down a little now if they have been plaguing you. The issues that Venus in Virgo may draw out are the tensions and disappointments you feel when your ideal results and your actual results are not close enough. This is a call to use your imagination to re-categorize your perceived failures as illuminating paradigm shifts.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: The Hanged Man

The most exciting astrological news for the weekend is that on Friday, October 9th, Mercury stations direct in Libra. This should be a palpable change in the momentum of your plans and your communication issues. Most importantly, you will feel like you are finally able to synchronize with the Libra season and be more diplomatic with people, resolving misunderstandings and employing more tact and resolve in social situations.

The Hanged Man alludes to a state of humility that you will find yourself in this weekend. Not the kind of humility that you thought you were capable of, but a kind that has never been experienced by you before. The picture of a prostrated and helpless figure is not one that feels good to project yourself into, but it is important to know that the Hanged Man is not a victim or a prisoner. The Hanged Man is a spiritual seeker who has been made humbly aware that what he conceives of as the known universe is infinitesimal and mostly delusional.

The Architecture of Inner Peace by Mark Golding

The Architecture of Inner Peace by Mark Golding

Why is this a good thing to have to face about yourself? Because the universe is expanding exponentially faster and faster and therefore, you are too. As Above, So Below. In order to be alive within infinite expansion, you must stretch yourself out, no matter how painful that might be, and envision new horizons. In whatever you endeavor this weekend, there will be no resting on your laurels and when this is over, you will be grateful that you have been able to set new standards for yourself. The Hanged Man shows you the process of conquering ignorance and gives you the power to expand the strength of your imagination.

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