The Principle of Friendship ~ October 12-19

“Whoever has a true friend sees in him a reflection of himself; and each is strong in the strength and rich in the wealth of the other. If you consider that the principle of harmony and benevolence is necessary to the very existence of families and states, you will understand how high a thing is friendship, in which that harmony and benevolence reach their perfect flower.”

– Cicero: On Friendship 

This week there will be a lot of attention on Libra, the sign of the balancing scales. On Monday October 12th, the New Moon will begin a cycle of manifestation in Libra, conjuncting the Sun and enlivening the energy of Mercury’s recent station direct. In addition, the North Node continues to hover in the last degree of Libra before transitioning into Virgo next month. Suffice it to say that this week will be one where you will greatly benefit from the gifts and teachings of Libra, which brings into focus the quest for harmony, the enactment of diplomacy, and the acknowledgment of social interdependence.

Interdependence is often discussed from highly abstract ecological and/or esoteric vantage points. (such as the image of Indra’s Net from Mahayana Buddhism) However, Libran wisdom enables you to practice conscious interdependence through friendships, which is a mode of expression just as vital to your health, wealth and success as anything that you do “independently”. Libra reminds you that in any endeavor in life, it really is all about who you know.

Bust of Cicero- Prado Gallery at Madrid

Bust of Cicero- Prado Gallery at Madrid

Friendship is a phenomenon that was once contemplated seriously by Western philosophy. The Roman philosopher Cicerowas one of the world’s most influential thinkers for nearly 19 centuries. Considered the most talented stylist of the Latin language, reading the works of Cicero was once synonymous with education. As a politician and a philosopher, Cicero wrote instructive dialogues on many subjects including: civilization, government, religion, morality and friendship. In Cicero’s mind, friendship was as essential to self-realization and the enrichment of experience as any education or ethics.

This week is a perfect time to contemplate what Cicero had to say, by appreciating the value of your friendships and acknowledging them as essential to everything that you do in life.

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Monday/Tuesday: The Devil

The New Moon on Monday begins another cycle of manifestation in your life and the Devil catalyzes that cycle by bringing deep desire to the surface. In the darkness of the New Moon, you will be thrust into direct experience that will show you that darkness is where your desire to “see the light” is born from. Like the doctor said in the film, Jacob’s Ladder, “if you’ve made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freeing you…”
The_Flower_Book_-_Most_Bitter_MoonseedAn opposition between the New Moon in Libra and Uranus in Aries highlights the experience of watching your best laid plans dissolve into something unrecognizable, challenging your optimism and your wits. You must use your best improvisational skills. The desire that the Devil summons in you will bring the strength you need to free yourself from whatever is holding you back in fear. Look to your friends for encouragement as the Moon travels into Scorpio on Tuesday. Your intense emotions will need to be shared with those who truly understand.

Wednesday/Thursday:  Two of Swords

Equilibrium is regained in the middle of the week, but you will be using intuition and instincts more than your usual problem-solving strategies. Your situation requires a completely subjective evaluation of your needs and feelings in order to be resolved. Only you have the answer that you seek.The_Flower_Book_-_Love_in_a_Mist_(cropped)The Moon will be in Scorpio in the middle of the week and your main prerogative should be peace of mind. The Two of Swords indicates that you can rise above turbulent emotions and observe their power and influence over your behavior. Meditations will be deep, yielding unexpected clarity and you will proceed with more stability in your decision making and in your relationships. Your ability to remain centered and self-confident will earn you much respect from friends and colleagues.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Knight of Cups

By this time, the effects of the recent Mercury retrograde have really faded away and your ideas are making more of an impact when you communicate them to others. Some delayed plans will be ready to be revitalized. The weekend brings the inspiration to share more of yourself with your family, friends, and/or lovers. The Moon will be in Sagittarius, conjuncting Saturn on Friday to initiate you into a renewed sense of authority which comes from the illumination of both your abilities and your limitations. Where you are highly capable, offer your assistance. Where you are greatly limited, ask for help. It is such common sense, but it bears repeating. This week is about reminding ourselves that we never do anything alone and the delusion of “independence” is often what suffocates our success.The_Flower_Book_-_Love_in_a_Tangle The Knight of Cups shows that whatever you share with others this weekend will nourish you and create a profound sense of forward motion in your endeavors. Enjoy the renewed sense of adventure and emotional well-being which harmony and benevolence has brought into perfect flowering.

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