How to Shine Through A Glass Darkly ~Venus in Scorpio – December 4-30, 2015

Since November 8th, 2015 the planet Venus has been in the sign of Libra, a comfortable place since it is one of her rulerships. Depending on your natal chart, some aspect of your social life has probably begun to ripen and bear fruit! Don’t let these opportunities wither on the vine, for the Venusian season is about to change!

42c0ff569850a63c45aa2751e5389955.jpgWhen Venus spends time in Libra, society becomes her art form and she loves to act as its most brilliant visionary by putting the right people in the same room together to mix and mingle. To Venus in Libra, people are like paints that must be blended through experiments until the subtle hue that matches her vision of the sky is finally created.

Therefore, when Venus is in Libra, it is as much a time for romantic relationships to find their momentum as it is for artists to collaborate on a project or for entrepreneurs to invest in a new business venture.

On Friday December 4th, 2015, Venus enters the sign of Scorpio, remaining there until December 30th. If only it were as simple as: “Goddess of Love Hooks Up With Sexy Scorpio and it is Outta Sight!” Scorpio is in fact one the signs where Venus is in her detriment, meaning she has a bit of a rough time expressing herself here. In Scorpio, Venus must shine through a glass, darkly.

So, why is Venus considered to be in her detriment in Scorpio, the sign of sex, death, and transformation? Succinctly put, Venus is in her detriment here because a plunge into the realm of Scorpionic emotion summons up aggression and obsession. That ebullient Venusian charm can be somewhat obscured by these murkier aspects of the psyche.

swanlakeblack (1)Mars traditionally rules Scorpio, a planetary energy typified by the act of war, representing the human inclinations towards possessiveness and conquest. Typically during wartime, Venus gets lost… (You may recall Aphrodite on the battlefield in the Iliad) So when Venus enters Scorpio, her softer side is overtaken by hunger, competition and psychoanalysis.

This December, Venus in Scorpio will take you on a stilettoed street walk through a red light district: a chiaroscuro of yearning passion and repressed desire. So much is veiled in that dimness: all the scars, bruises and mercenary pimps hiding well beneath the shadows.

But Venus is not afraid, for in the underworld, she becomes magnetic, hypnotic and lucky! With all this intoxicating occult power, the Venusian spirit often casts herself in the role of home-wrecker, dominatrix or sorceress! She sees herself through a glass, darkly never looking into a mirror for approval.

tumblr_n97z49fxlc1qjyn6go1_500The ideal courtesan, the charming socialite and the worshipped artiste, all rely upon their reflections to survive. But mirrors are of no interest to Venus in Scorpio. She wears her sunglasses at night killing pride, hurting feelings and remaining mercilessly enchanting. This transit may be a time when your relationships intensify: amplifying eroticism as well increasing the potential for manipulation. With Venus in Scorpio, many relationships will dance upon that razor thin line between love and hate, sometimes losing sight of free will beneath the shadows.


swan-1-1.jpgFor those who enjoy playing head games with people, this will be a time when it will be particularly easy to overpower and exploit others. This is usually as good for business and as it is bad for the soul.

But for those who strive to give and receive sincerely, the ultimate purpose of Venus in Scorpio is to use your powers of attraction to strengthen the muscle fibers of your integrity. When you resist the temptation to exploit people, you exercise true compassion. Therefore, Venus in Scorpio offers you the power to love with an intensity that can not be wrought from the lighter sides of the glass. To know others you must “know thyself” and it often takes a thrashing catharsis to discover the layers that are deeper than mere social performance.

During Venus in Scorpio, submit to explore a repressed desire and in so doing, discover that instinct is the primordial wisdom of divine consciousness and that emotion is your spirit flowing through your body, moving, guiding, and stretching you into an increasingly refined form.

This December, Venus in Scorpio will reveal the hellfire in your soul, burning bright in the darkness of the night. What you choose to do with all that heat is one of the great artistic pleasures of life. Enjoy this process of transmutation and shine!tumblr_lwy3olquxh1qbdq9so1_r1_500

<3 Aeolian Heart <3

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