Give It To Me Easy ~ New Moon in Aquarius – February 8th, 2016

On February 8th, 2016 the New Moon will emerge at 19 degrees Aquarius, arriving in a square with Mars in Scorpio and in a sextile with Uranus in Aries. These aspects will add an edginess to this New Moon, but also much more opportunity for potent paradigm-shifting magick! 

It’s the time of the season to surrender to the wisdom of your desires. 

Mercury and Venus’ recent conjunctions with Pluto have already summoned some of your deepest unconscious desires to reveal themselves consciously. With so much Plutonian influence, you can no longer remain stagnated in your attitudes towards sex, money, and power without major consequences.


Tonight, this New Moon in Aquarius will catalyze the work that you have already begun, but will offer an inventive intellectual flair. Analyze yourself a little. Do you want life to offer better sex and more money? Or, in more polite terms, do you want to manifest deeper love and free-flowing abundance?

“And this time, give it to me easy…”

This Aquarian Moon will enable you to find the novelty and uniqueness in your desires. The excitement of life is derived from the responses you give to your percolating feelings of need, as you breathe life into them with imagination and animate them with inspired action. Luckily, Aquarius is just the energy to call upon when it is time to develop a new strategy.

water fountain scene from “La Dolce Vita”

The sign of Aquarius, the water-bearer, represents the inventor/shaman/genius who lives on the edges of human society as a humble servant of the gods. Therefore, Aquarius has one foot in this world and one in the divine realms. This is how Aquarius emerges with so many inspired spiritual, artistic and scientific ideas. Aquarius sees the future before it arrives, claims the wisdom of the past as though it is present, and discerns the consciousness in all energies.

Therefore, a New Moon in Aquarius will offer you a chance to galvanize any area of life where your spirit yearns for liberation. If you have felt undeserving or uninspired, prepare to envision a new way of living that is freed from those constraints. It is time for soul retrieval, in whatever form that may find you.

You may heal old ancestral wounds, turning away from the stirring heat of rage to find a circuit of consciousness where the edges of mundane reality are fraying out into infinity. On this night, the starlight will reveal possibilities that you have not yet considered, even in your wildest dreams.

“…It’s the time of the season.

When love runs high.

And this time, give it to me easy.

And let me try with pleasured hands…”

If your mind can be likened to a garden, then tonight you will plant the fruiting trees that will bring you both immense pleasure and ecological balance to your life. Aquarius may seem externally dispassionate, but it is a state of mind necessary in order to ensure the best outcome with consideration to all the variables involved. To tune into this ecosophic awareness, ask yourself:

“In the future, what do I see myself being most nourished by?” Is it the light fantastic? The sun of promised lands? The ripened fruit of sounds and sweet airs?  Whatever your visions reveal, as the New Moon in Aquarius yields its energy, know that this is the time of the season to begin.

“…To take you in the sun to (promised lands).

To show you every one.

It’s the time of the season for loving…”

The tension created by the Moon’s square with Mars in Scorpio will give you the power to break up the hardened earth of stale ideas, mixing and mingling the sediments until there is a soft place for your intentions to take root.

If this square leaves you plagued by haunting doubts about your future, take the time tonight to write out a description of your own worst-case scenario. Don’t hold anything back. Express every fear and every worry you have about rejection and failure in as much melodramatic detail as you can. Then, rip that paper up and burn it. You will feel that momentary dissonance give way to lucid thought and your emotional discomfort will soften into expectant poise.

The Moon’s sextile with Uranus in Aries will crown your ambitions with a Promethean flame. You may feel quite elated and brazen in how you engage with people. For those who find themselves having intimate conversations, expect your desires to be candidly expressed without a hint of shame.

“…What’s your name?

Who’s your daddy?

(Be real) Is he rich like me?

Has he taken, any time.

(To show) to show you what you need to live…”

Aquarius reminds you that just as you have been divorced from nature by the physical reality of industrial urbanization, so too have you been divorced from the wilds of your mind by innumerable ideologies that impose limitations on consciousness.

This New Moon is a time to meet yourself in the place where Aquarius lives, on the edges of conventional knowledge. Through exploring dreams, meditations, rituals, psychedelics etc.., you can use the New Moon to fully rediscover your imagination, as a swelling ocean of phenomena that words cannot describe: here feeling is first, then image, and then words.

imagination fairy

What will you find in your imagination?

“…Tell it to me slowly

Tell you what

I really want to know

It’s the time of the season for loving…”

Linearity in thought and in textual language has made it difficult to conceive of the unseen and invisible realms. But Aquarian Moons are a time when you might flex your visionary powers enough to see that your reality can be changed through your own will, by shifting your intentional use of language and by casting off convention now and again as a hygienic routine.

Open yourself to the essence of your spirit with wordless desire and experience the new forms which emerge into your consciousness.

“…It’s the time of the season.

When love runs high.

And this time, give it to me easy.

And let me try with pleasured hands…”

“La Dolce Vita” Image Source

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