Get Born, Stay Warm ~ February 15th – 21st, 2016

The moon is waxing this week and will not be full ’til the 22nd. Therefore, in general this is a week about building strength and bringing your ideas into being. Think back to the New Moon in Aquarius. What intentions did you set? What are you working on?

This week, the winds of change will blow you to the ends of the earth, sailing straight into the darkness before the dawn. You will feel so far away from your original destination, that your thoughts may amble their way into all manner of creation myths and cosmological adventures. Aquarian energy tends to take you beyond the beyond.

On Wednesday, Venus will complete her journey through armored ambitious Capricorn and will enter into the more socially active and innovative Aquarius. On Wednesday, Mars in Scorpio will sextile the North Node and Jupiter in Virgo which will shove you into actions that will improve your physical and emotional health. The North Node and Jupiter in Virgo will remind you that health is the most valuable asset that you can possibly invest in. 

Water Stories – Inge Morath

The Sun will enter the sign of Pisces on Thursday, February 19th, which can be described as a sea-change that will sweep your sense of individual purpose into the vast ocean of the collective unconscious. There is no doubt that you will feel “far out” this week. Whether that means you will feel the anticipation of a tremendous break-through or that you will feel lost and confused may fluctuate from moment to moment.

On the day that the Piscean wave hits, the Moon in Cancer will beckon you further into the deep, promising to heal your wounds and soothe all your subterranean homesick blues. “. . .get born, keep warm. . .”

Bob Dylan

On Saturday and Sunday, the Moon will be in Leo opposing Venus and Mercury in Aquarius, creating a dynamic tension between your drive towards inventiveness and your need for authenticity.

Allow the Moon in Leo to act as a microscope through which you can inspect all of your wild ideas about what you should be doing in the world. If you are truly meant to dedicate yourself to a study or a cause, then the lion will catalyze an insatiable hunger inside your heart!

However, if you are being fatuous or pretentious in your humanitarian interests, then the lion will bite your lying head off and force you to start again. Towards the end of Saturday, the Moon will be in a favorable trine with Saturn in Sagittarius. This will aid your efforts to make a solid plan of action to offer your gifts to the world. 


February 15th -21

I. 8 of Swords II. Queen of Cups III. Five of Cups

Monday/Tuesday: 8 of Swords

Interference is the theme that the 8 of swords brings up. This does not mean that beginning of the week is fraught with failure, but it does indicate that the cerebral and mental faculties may attempt to seize control.

Since the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in Aquarius at this time, an airy intellectualism may become so dominant that you might become tangled up in too many thoughts. This is further complicated by the Moon being in Gemini, the most voracious mental energy in the zodiac. Your intellect may be so stimulated that you have an incredible capacity to solve problems and theorize.

However, remember that the mind is binary and dualistic, so for every positive creation there is a negative. This fact can create such anxiety that you may feel impeded in your ability to really perform at your highest level.  

Wednesday/Thursday: The Queen of Cups

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Inge Morath, 1960

The middle of the week brings the last day of Aquarius and the first day of Pisces. The Queen of Cups symbolizes that refreshing plunge into the Piscean realm, where all energy is perceived as an emerging wave of consciousness.

Thursday should feel like a cool hand on a fevered brow to those who have been overly agitated by the immense amount of mental energy required by all the planets in Aquarius.

The Queen of Cups brings a purifying and altruistic spirit to your inner world, which will color your relationships, your art, and your rituals. She brings an abundance of healing and asks that you submerge yourself in the waters of life to your heart’s content. The Queen of Cups offers the experience of the infinite, guiding you to realize that the healing you need will always be available to you if you are willing to receive.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday – The 5 of Cups

The weekend has an intense opposition between the Moon in Leo and Mercury and Venus in Aquarius. There is no doubt that it will kill some of your pride, hurt some of your feelings, and create a hunger inside of you that can not yet be satiated. These are the kinds of planetary motions that seem to be “doing something unwanted to you”. But in fact, these experiences are callings inside of you to push yourself to evolve into a person that understands your own desires, listens to your own emotions, and follows inspiration.

Caïn by Henri Vidal, Tuileries Garden, Paris, 1896.

The five of cups is a card that looks sad to those who always expect to see abundance and good times. But the tarot is not like a photo album, where everything illustrates fun, adventure, and good fortune.

The five of cups in the tarot is like a polaroid of disillusionment. However, what follows this emotional downturn is a great strengthening of character and a much more deeply felt sense of gratitude when fortune changes again for the better.

This weekend’s tension does not mean that there is a cataclysm afoot, but it will be a time to consider what it is that you really need to heal, for the good of yourself and others. (Pisces is all about the collective)

Sometimes you avoid healing the real issues and delude yourself into believing that you are on the right track. Think of an alcoholic who has started a regimen of wheatgrass. Yes, the wheatgrass is great for the body, but the alcohol will win unless the emotional wound that it came from is healed. This weekend is about finding our core wounds and facing the work that must be done. Ultimately, this will be great cause for celebration!


much love to you all!


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