Summoning Promethea ~ February 22nd -28th, 2016

This week begins in illumination! The Full Moon in Virgo on Monday is an initiation into a new-found equilibrium, as you grow accustomed to the sway between Virgoan stability and Piscean swirling. Your soul will act as a pendulum, swinging between materia and immateria with ever increasing strength.

Princess Hyacinth, Alphonse Mucha, 1911

The beginning of the week also presents a trine between Saturn and Uranus, which will bring sober thoughtfulness to your dreams of rebellion and will therefore enable you to liberate yourself from any affliction using the ingenious mind of an engineer. With a trine like this, you may build a stable bridge to make a safe passage from nowhere to NOW HERE!

On Tuesday night, the newly waning Moon will still be in Virgo, conjuncting Jupiter and the North Node, which will continue to soften your heart and make you feel more impressionable and receptive to learning about love. Your lessons about love will be unique and perfectly attuned to your needs. Whether you require a lesson about romance, platonic admiration, or the luminescent connection to the natural world, the Moon crossing the great benefic Jupiter and the North Node will lead you to a quiet pasture where you will feel cleansed and refreshed.


With Mercury and Venus both in Aquarius, the mind’s pleasure and the body’s pleasure will both be fulfilled by the wildness of your imagination and your willingness to listen to divine guidance. It will feel good to be moved by forces unseen and unknown. This week may summon a “Eureka! Eureka!” moment, which is the famous phrase that describes the lightening strike of knowledge that is delivered straight from the heavens. Prepare yourself for some jolts of knowing like that which inspired Archimedes!

Archimedes' Discovery

Archimedes’ Discovery

By Sunday, the Sun will be conjunct Neptune in Pisces, a day that will merge your soul with the goddess Promethea, the very essence of pure imagination. A communion with the divine is assured on this day, be it ever so subtle.

Salammbo – Alphonse Mucha , 1896

A Neptune/Sun conjunction in Pisces summons the spirit of poetry to linger and lyricise everything you perceive. If you will take in this passage from the great German mystic/ poet/ natural philosopher, Goethe, you will get an idea of the feelings that might arise.

I often think with longing, Oh, would I could describe these conceptions, could impress upon paper all that is living so full and warm within me, that it might be the mirror of my soul, as my soul is the mirror of the infinite God!”

– passage from the Sorrows of Young Werther

If you can see your soul as the mirror of the infinite God, your petty troubles and nagging complaints will wash away.




I. The Two of Pentacles II. The King of Cups III. The Princess of Cups

Monday/Tuesday:  The Two of Pentacles

This card is an excellent sign that stagnation will begin to break up and transform into a newfound practice, habit, or job. The Full Moon in Virgo is what catalyzes the change and is also what inspires you to invest in your health above all else. There is nothing more valuable than good health, so any efforts that you make to take better care of yourself will lead you in the right direction.

Wednesday/Thursday: The King of Cups

With Chiron in Pisces opposing the North Node and Jupiter in Virgo, there may be a swelling feeling of vulnerability that is followed by a demand for higher standards of behavior and speech. Chiron represents a wound that aches to be healed and the Jupiter/North Node conjunction in Virgo contains the knowledge of whatever remedies you need.

The King of Cups depicts the state of being overwhelmed by feeling, including the pain of loss, the pain of love, and the heat of anger. Ultimately, the tension can best be relieved by deeply contemplating upon that which you are truly grateful for. Only then can you begin to unravel your resistance to healing and channel all your emotions into creative pursuits.

absinthe_robette_poster_by_caioneach (1)

Alphonse Mucha

Friday/Saturday/Sunday:  The Princess of Cups

The weekend will be soft and cleansing. As the Sun in Pisces inches towards its conjunction with Neptune on Sunday, your perspective on life will blur many of the hard edges out of existence and let you relax into the sacred space of your heart. To feel at peace with your emotions is the feeling of bliss, which is what the Sun and Neptune can certainly inspire.

The only danger arises when you try to use chemical means of inducing bliss, (heavy drinking or narcotics) which under a conjunction such as this will produce especially disorienting effects and open you up to energies that will create an extremely muddled confusion.

Do what you will, but it is highly favored to enter the world of pure imagination on this day through ritual, prayer, or meditation. Ecstatic experience can be reached almost effortlessly through swimming, dancing, painting, or playing music. The sensations produced by writing or reading poetry will also be greatly enhanced. Even watching a great film will have an especially impactful effect.

The important thing is to understand that a Sun/Neptune conjunction acts as an open window to other levels of consciousness through which you may nourish your soul and feed your imagination.


much love to you all

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