Mood Indigo ~ New Moon in Scorpio-October 30th, 2016


On October 30th, 2016 there will be a New Moon in the sign of Scorpio. As with all New Moons, the Sun and the Moon will be conjunct, fusing their energies together to create an exclamatory moment of impact.

scorpioThis concrescence of solar and lunar energies presents a window of opportunity to begin a new cycle of emotional processing. This is true for every New Moon, but each has a unique gift to offer for the purpose of shaping our growth and development.moon

During Scorpio season, the prominence of death and darkness stimulates greater need for inner peace and calm. Without the ability to repress the fearful aspects of life, Scorpio season prompts us to explore the truth that what must really die is the fear of death. Both the living and the dead must learn to rest in peace.

Requiem in Terra Pax.


In astrology, the Moon in Scorpio is considered to be in its fall, meaning that the Moon loses much of its strength in the sign of death and transmutation. Thus you can imagine that in Scorpio, the Moon’s soft and nurturing qualities will give way to the darker more voracious aspects of emotion, including obsession and despair.

All is Vanity by Charles Allen Gilbert – 1892

In the season of Scorpio, when encountering all this darkness, the depth of emotions that surface are often startling. Therefore, at this New Moon in Scorpio, it is best to be prepared for a maelstrom of passions and longings tinged with some oh-so bitter regrets. Remember that for all the complex desires that arise, it is really peace that you are looking for.


Mr. Duke Ellington

This is a New Moon best described as Mood Indigo, an evocative poetic phrase derived from Duke Ellington’s classic composition first recorded for radio broadcast in October of 1930. If you submit to the music, welcoming the darkness without resistance, your soul will be replenished by the tenderness of languid beauty. 

You ain’t never been blue; no, no, no,

You ain’t never been blue,

Till you’ve had that mood indigo

Listening to the instrumental version of Mood Indigo will offer you a wide window into the heart of this New Moon in Scorpio.


Miss Ella Fitzgerald

But Ella Fitzgerald’s lyrical version from her 1957 recording is particularly rich, swinging low into the darkness of dreadful moods while soothing your aching heart with the sweetness of sound.

‘Cause there’s nobody who cares about me,

I’m just a soul that’s bluer than blue can be.

Under Ella’s enchantment, you will be guided to the underworlds where human tragedies are eternally mourned. If you feel a heightened sense of sadness and loss, let the feelings flow. It’s the time of the season to give in and let your Mood be Indigo.

When I get that mood indigo,

I could lay me down and die.

This particular New Moon will also be conjunct Mercury, (the traveler between worlds) imbuing the night with the power of music and lyrics. With access to magic of this magnitude, you can significantly change your consciousness, heal your heart, and awaken imagination.


Ella Fitzgerald & Marylin Monroe

With the Sun, Moon and Mercury together, you will more readily recognize the resonance of words and the vibration of the intention that they are born from.

With so much sensitivity to the magic embedded in language, how might you best take advantage of your own use of language?

What might you write, speak, or sing into existence?

ellingtonjazz_0With so many swirling moods, you will feel a powerful drive to express your feelings, to reveal that deeper substance in your soul. But you may be frustrated tonight as your mind wanders in and out of mazes, lost in its search for a center of meaning.

As Neptune in Pisces makes a supportive trine to this triple conjunction of Sun/Moon/Mercury in Scorpio, your mode of expression may be quite  languorous and labyrinthine. Imagine talking in circles and speaking in riddles, with all context and subtext obscured in a haze.

photo by Tim Green

photo by Tim Green

The first title that Duke Ellington gave to Mood Indigo was “Dreamy Blues” which is a name that is also evocative of this night’s planetary aspects. With Neptune’s enchantments all over the dark waters of Scorpio, you may feel like you are in a waking dream, inspiration caressing you from soft-focused peripheral visions. 

dukeellington2But lest you imagine that the whole night will be lost to dreamy blues, rest assured that you will feel a motivating call to action. This New Moon night will also be endowed with the verve and vigor of a square between Mars in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.

The artistic spirit of this New Moon in combination with the self-possessed energies of this square between Mars and Uranus can best be used to push the boundaries of your creativity. Break out of your routine and try something fresh and new! Introduce a new style, a new vibe, or a new mode of expression. Mix things up and see what happens.


A dreamy and experimental mood was exactly what must have possessed Duke Ellington during the composition of Mood Indigo. His legendary musical genius was broadly expressed in this piece, showcasing notable innovation in the instrumentals: a ferment of bittersweetness.  

Though music fans know this sound as the blues, Mood Indigo is an artistic achievement that is quite “beyond category”.

While I just sit here and sigh, “Go ‘long blues”.

I always get that mood indigo,

Since my baby said goodbye.

ella-fitzgerald-duke-ellington-benny-goodman-downbeat-clubThe general effect of the blues is to totally immerse the listener in mournful stories of love and loss. But, while the lyrics in blues songs take you all the way down into the depths of despair, the accompanying music offers a cathartic release from that pain.

The same can be said for the navigation of Scorpio, which is a sign that describes the agony of death and the transformation of that death back into fertile soil.

And in the evenin’ when the lights are low,

I’m so lonely I could cry.

Thus, the blues can be thought of as music drawn from the wells of the Scorpionic realm, where stark emotion is so powerfully expressed that pain transmutes into pleasure and sorrow begins to glow with exultant beauty!

When I get that mood indigo,

I could lay me down and die.

"Powerless Anger of Man" by Mihály Zichy (19th century)

“Powerless Anger of Man” by Mihály Zichy (19th century)

On this New Moon in Scorpio night, take pleasure in the opportunity to release your fear of death, to release your tight grip from things that can not last, and to make friends with the shadow of sorrow that haunts every moment of joy.