Enjoy the Silence ~ New Moon in Aquarius-January 27th, 2017

On January 27th, 2017 there will be a New Moon in Aquarius, the sign where the intellect is refined into an instrument of divine will. As with all New Moons, this is a moment that marks the beginning of a fresh cycle of emotional and creative energies.

Words like violence

Break the silence

Come crashing in

Into my little world

But this New Moon is not exactly soft and nurturing. This lunation cycle begins with the feeling of being outcast from the garden and called into the primeval wilderness, where nature and the human spirit are completely unbound.

Aquarius traverses the liminal realms, in the grey areas of ill-defined situations that do not easily conform to an existing set of rules. On the shorelines of consensus reality, Aquarius offers the potential for paradigm shifts and ingenious insights. But the price for these electrifying moments is a sense of discontent and isolation from the world.

Painful to me

Pierce right through me

Can’t you understand

Therefore, this New Moon in Aquarius, where the Sun and the Moon conjoin, may be tinged with a cold shiver of loneliness and a feeling that you are being called to explore the labyrinth of inner space once again.

All I ever wanted

All I ever needed

Is here in my arms

Words are very unnecessary

They can only do harm

Aquarius’ intellectual dispassion can aid you in embracing this call and so, that shiver of loneliness may feel quite welcome at this time. Rather than construing loneliness as a condition which must be amended by distraction, instead consider loneliness to be a great luxury.

Loneliness implies freedom from the tangled webs of social media. It implies that a great deal of self-reflection can be done without distraction. It implies that one can pause, listen, and
enjoy the silence.

Aquarius knows that to be alone is the only way to value the  company of others. And that only profound silence can give value to sound.

The universe was born from silence. Music is born from the silence. If you allow this New Moon’s length of silence to hold you in the space between, what might be born within you?

Aquarius is known for its ability to be alone, and yet in tune with the collective consciousness- the group mind of humanity itself. This awareness naturally leads to an innate understanding of ecological interdependence as well as a circular vision of temporality, where all time is eternally present in a luminous aureole.

This New Moon in Aquarius will be unaspected by other planets. However, Venus in Pisces will be squaring Saturn in Sagittarius.

Vows are spoken

To be broken

Feelings are intense

Words are trivial

This hard aspect between Saturn, (Aquarius’ traditional ruler) and Venus in her exaltation is likely to bring up strong feelings of doubt, fear, and anxiety. Where do you perceive yourself to be unfortunate in life? This is the vulnerable area that a Venus/Saturn square will challenge.

Pleasures remain

So does the pain

But this New Moon in Aquarius happens to offer the perfect conditions for handling this challenge. The coolness and detachment that the light of this Moon offers can enable you to regain a position of neutrality and acceptance of whatever is currently happening in your world.

This does not mean that you give up on your dreams and submit to misfortune. But it may be a time to sober up from utopianism and the dystopianism that follows. Quieting your frenetic emotions will free you from these delusions and enable you to perceive a bright future that is well within your grasp. 

Rather than getting caught on a tape loop of fury and condemnation, you will be guided to walk calmly towards your center with full faith that the answers to your problems will come through in the silence.

Words are meaningless

And forgettable

If you’re still in doubt about the purity and virtue of silence, consider its role in music. Silence is not simply the lifeless backdrop that music animates with sound. Silence is one of the most important instruments used in any composition.

Silence builds anticipation and magnifies the impact of sound. You most likely know the wave of ecstasy that rises while waiting for a beat to drop. In music, we learn that measures of silence are not empty spaces, but are moments of intense listening.

And it is a breathless moment of silence that every artist really hopes to evoke from their audience.

One song that has inspired this reaction in millions is the 1990 song, Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode. In relishing the bliss that the song arouses, the lyrics are best left as ambiguous and impressionistic.

Enjoy the Silence is pure poetry because it communicates the intemporal wisdom that in moments of intense feeling, pleasure or pain:

“Words are meaningless, And forgettable.”

The music video for Enjoy the Silence is a perfect Aquarian tale, told in symbolic imagery to summon the primal power of myth. According the director, the King represents “a man with everything in the world, just looking for a quiet place to sit”.

If Capricorn represents the rise to become King, great sovereign over one’s own life, then Aquarius continues that journey by summoning the King’s inevitable exile. He is led far away from where his worldly powers are effectual and is set upon a search for a sea of silence.

In the stillness of this New Moon in Aquarius, you might enchant for greater attunement to the creative power of the Over-Soul, the Animus Mundi, God, or the Universe.

Whatever your definition of this experience, you will be in contact with Infinite Intelligence, which gently offers solutions to all problems both big and small. If you can maintain this connection, your thoughts and actions will be of great service to the world.

Thus, in these times where the world is in constant turmoil and strife, there are times when it is valuable to make some noise. But at the moment, the wise among us will retreat from the fray, look for a quiet place to sit, and enjoy the silence.