In Love and War ~ Venus Retrograde in Aries -March 3rd -April 15th, 2017

On Friday, Venus will turn retrograde in the warrior sign of Aries, a direction she will remain in until April 15th.

Venus’ retrograde period signifies a time for reinvention, redesign, and remembrance. Venus retrogrades represent a powerful shift in Venusian season, marked by her exquisite transition from Evening Star to Morning Star.

This transition begins on March 24th, when Venus will make an inferior conjunction to the Sun. Eclipsed by shadow, for a brief time Venus will become invisible in the night sky. About a week after her inferior conjunction, Venus’ will begin to appear once more, rising before the dawn as the Morning Star, aka Lucifer. (the light bearer)

Any planet’s retrograde motion creates an opportunity to experience new plasticity and flexibility, thus during Venus’ six-week retrograde there will be an opportunity to make some powerful adjustments to your relationship to money, beauty and of course, love.

We are young

Heartache to heartache we stand

Considering that Venus is stationing in Aries, expect to feel swept up by the influence of cardinal fire which initiates willpower, creative force, and a sense of destiny. Your heart will be subject to many storms of passion, desire and lust.

As maddening as it may be, in the throes of passion, love may suddenly spring from hate or vice versa. You may feel a palpable attraction to someone you consider to be an enemy. You may develop a taste for music you used to ignore. Or your lover might suddenly feel like a stranger to you.

During a time like this, new tastes, affinities and cravings may be explored, but not overindulged. Throughout the retrograde, avoid making any serious promises or demands.

No promises, no demands

During this retrograde, Venus will travel from the middle of Aries (her sign of detriment) and back into Pisces. (her sign of exaltation) Aries is traditionally considered to be Venus’ sign of detriment because the warrior spirit does not easily accept the harmony and balance that Venus brings.  

We are strong, no one can tell us we’re wrong

Searchin’ our hearts for so long

Both of us knowing

Love is a battlefield

Aries is the realm where wills collide and battle for ascendancy. But Venus, adaptable as a climbing vine, makes her presence in Aries known through the archetype of a warrior goddess, reified by prophesies of victory and an unerring faith in her ascendancy. If you want to improve your relationship with Venus to nurture a better love life, more blooming beauty, or more flowing finances, imagine that your ideal life has already been foretold in a prophesy. Let your worldview begin to grow around this foreknowledge of your own success.

We are strong, no one can tell us we’re wrong

This Venus retrograde will guide you to learn to handle conflict and make powerful use of it. Rather than recoiling, try to find the good in whatever challenges your ego and self-esteem. These painful cuts are teaching you to fight. There is no other way to learn to be on pointe. And this new cycle of Venus will require some added resilience before allowing relationships or wealth to be exultantly beautiful.

Venus’ retrograde represents a long journey that will glorify conflict and heroize your fight for independence, even if that independence is still within a relationship. The intrepid vision of yourself as being willful and inspired will only grow in strength after Venus’ conjunction with the Sun, which will begin to offer illumination about emotional issues you are still clinging to from the past. Whatever bad habits you have accumulated in regards to love or money will become painfully illuminated and presented as evidence against you.

Whatever lingering misgivings you may have about your own beauty will also arise, prompting you to become more active or more stylish. If these are healthful urges, by all means make some changes. But don’t declare war on yourself and expect beauty to be the end result.

You’re beggin’ me to go then makin’ me stay

Why do you hurt me so bad

It would help me to know

On April 3rd, four weeks into the retrograde, Venus will slip back into Pisces, causing your heroic story of self-determination to widen into a vast myth that exalts the individual self as a unique ripple of creation in a vast ocean of consciousness.

Searchin’ our hearts for so long

Both of us knowing

Love is a battlefield

On April 8, Venus will square Saturn in Sagittarius. You may feel blocked from the affections you wish to express during this time, leading to frustration. With Saturn glowering down on Venus, some very dark emotions may rise creating more potential for fights and misunderstandings. If you feel unattractive, broke, and unworthy, do some conscientious journaling and meditation, acknowledging that the roots of these feelings are a part of the history that you are changing now!

In these emotional waters of Venus’ exaltation in Pisces, you may find deep wells of heartbreak and inner conflict. This period of the retrograde is ideal for healing and softening scars left by any kind of grieving. Let the pain wash away.

Will you turn me away or touch me deep inside?

To draw upon strength much greater than your own, observe the unshakeable union of heaven and earth, for even in their most violent storms there is harmony and reciprocity between them. Rain nourishes and lightening revivifies!

But if we get much closer, I could lose control

And if your heart surrenders, you’ll need me to hold

Through the enchantment of beauty, Venus is the planet that offers the arts of love and seduction. (eros) But these arts have always been challenging terrain. For as much as human beings require love, there has never been an easy way to find and remain in love. The Roman poet Ovid once wrote:

“Love is a kind of warfare!”

His book, Ars Amatoria describes
Venus’ arts of love using the metaphors of war to illustrate love in both somber and humorous tones. By examining the many centuries of war metaphors to describe love, it is clear that love has power!

Venus is the embodiment of this power, inspiring the world’s greatest art while also summoning chaos through the arousal of human passions. This power was a frequent theme in the poetry of the ancient world just as it is today and love is still understood to be something that one surrenders to, falls for, and is conquered by.

Ovid even states in Metamorphosis that eros ‘rules the gods and Jove himself.’

As illustrated by their mythological romance, Venus can subdue Mars with her charms. Thus, love can subdue violence. To honor Venus then is to honor a source of power much stronger and more influential than war. With Venusian wisdom, life blooms with love and remains sensual, supple, and soft. Your thinking can be forever creative rather than destructive. During this Venus retrograde period, learn to embrace and embody higher levels of Venusian talents, creating beauty and harmony out of chaos even in times of war.