No Surprises, Please~New Moon in Libra- October 19th, 2017

No alarms and no surprises

No alarms and no surprises, please

On the October 19th, 2017 there will be a New Moon in the sign of Libra, ushering in a fresh cycle of emotional energy and inspiration.

New Moons happen every month when the Sun and the Moon unite in the heavens, fusing their polar energies together. This is a fertile moment for potent creativity. Astrologically speaking, it is helpful to imagine the Sun (Sol) and the Moon (Luna) as being lovers, whose intimate exchanges catalyze the undulating cycles of generation upon Earth.

All the mystery and magic within you is fed by the celestial dialogue between solar and lunar consciousness. With such influences to guide you in your awakening, this New Moon in Libra will offer a time to envision your life as a magnificent art form: as a story of courage and liberation.

A job that slowly kills you

Bruises that won’t heal

You look so tired, unhappy

The energy of this New Moon is graced by influences from Venus in her sign of rulership in Libra and a conjunction to Jupiter in Scorpio. In many ways, you will feel ensconced in a lullaby, open to the spirit of beauty and generosity. But this Moon will also be opposed to Uranus, an interfering background noise of screeching chaos. With serenity being balanced against entropy, a deep yearning for spiritual liberation will make itself known, creating a strange mixture of emotions.

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If you’re looking to capture the essence of this New Moon in Libra’s feeling, I recommend listening to the song No Surprises from Radiohead’s 1997 album OK Computer.

No Surprises has a delicate beauty, favorable to Venusian tastes. But it also contains Uranus’ pulse of rebellion, a wild urge to explode out of imprisonment. As befitting the realm of Libra, the lilting melody is juxtaposed with the bleak lyrics of discontent.

Bring down the government

They don’t, they don’t speak for us

Along with your refined tastes and sense of pleasure, some of your disgrace, numbness and ambivalence will rise to the surface for examination. Tasteless food and dry kisses are a sure sign that something is wrong. Know that no matter what discontent may be emerging, your ideals of beauty and freedom are being questioned to encourage healthier growth.

The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus, goddess of beauty and love. Since Venus is currently transiting Libra, this is an auspicious time to fully appreciate and embody social grace and delicate taste. Venus in Libra associates civilization with established arts. In her mind, why go to war when the same catharsis can be achieved through drama? Why drown in despair when music can liberate you?

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The music of this New Moon will really be heard through the conjunction with Jupiter in Scorpio (6 degree orb) blossoming into many acts of warmth and generosity between loved ones. The downside of Jupiter in Scorpio’s influence is that overindulgence will become a great temptation. To be oversedated or soothed into oblivion will open you to many dangers.

Though Libra’s first instinct is to balance pleasure with discretion, the opposition with Uranus will bring an element of disorder that may lead to reckless tempers and inflamed passions.

No alarms and no surprises

This disruptive background noise is good for you as it has much to teach you: discord demonstrates the beauty of concord. No scales of measure and balance are worth anything unless they are occasionally put to the test. At this time, it is Uranus that brings this test, manifesting as an electric shock of agitation and excitement.

The full scope of this New Moon in Libra is one that exalts the fragile beauty that accompanies the spirit of liberation. The cutting edge is tremulous and uncertain, but it may carry the light that summons the future. In an interview about the song, No Surprises, Thom Yorke described the effect that Radiohead was trying to achieve, saying:

“If you play it right, it is fucking dark…When we play it, we have to play it slow. It only sounds good if it’s fragile.”

By the third decan of the sign of Libra, where this New Moon occurs, the equilibrium maintained between the increasingly complex array of polarities is fragile. Libra’s ability to shift, respond, and weigh a myriad of things creates an inner poise that is as beautiful as it is fragile. Balance is a practice that never stops adjusting for change, justice is never a static ideal, and truth never solidifies.

Thus, at this New Moon in Libra, there is no better time to have your center of balance tested as this influence will call into question your most sophisticated opinions. The starkness of your black and white thinking will become so disordered that some new grey areas will certainly appear.

I’ll take a quiet life

A handshake of carbon monoxide

By stirring things up with the element of surprise, this New Moon in Libra is likely to test the integrity of your most idealistic claims. If you say that you are an ambassador of love, peace and equality, then the validity of these claims may be tested with sudden news or an event that throws you a little off-kilter. There is no better way to learn balance than to walk upon the edge without looking down.

No alarms and no surprises, please

When things are going well, most people become quite vested in a sense of virtue. But what about when life challenges your expectations? You know how easy it is to feign affection for someone when they have not yet tried your patience. And how easy it is to identify as a pacifist when there are no visible threats to your security.

Think of this New Moon as being an excellent test of your character. With Jupiter so near, rewards for your efforts will be favored. These are the kind of conditions in which you should open your mind to other ideas, other cultures, or other ways of knowing. If you welcome Uranus’ little shocks, offering no resistance to the disruption of your equilibrium, the liberation and innovation you seek can be realized.

An Uranus opposition is much like a cymbal crash in a symphony, breaking up the monotony, bringing the potential for revelation, and potentiating renewed feeling. When you imagine the influence of the planets as being very much like music, the music of the spheres, a more refined relationship forms. When a great composer creates a cacophony of sound, there is no reason to fear or take offense, even if it startles you.

No alarms and no surprises

To add a little gravitas, this conjunction between the New Moon will be in a sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. You will be nudged towards making tangible improvements to your current situation. Saturn is the gravitational force that crystallizes chaos into form. Thus, you can imagine that this New Moon comes with a ballast, protecting you from sabotaging your success with rashness and impulsivity.  

By revealing the polarities of experience present in your life, this New Moon in Libra may invite a philosophical or creative renaissance. Let your educated opinions be challenged, knowing that momentary friction sparks new levels of awareness.  Rather than relying on static structures of consensus, open yourself to the wild rhythms in the air, which obliterate ambivalence in favor of inspiration. Under this influence, let your natural intuition guide your senses, responding to the discord in the world with grace and intelligence.

Most importantly, if you wish for others to be coaxed into more awareness, opening their eyes to what you believe is true, then you must be able to demonstrate love, generosity, and integrity that holds up under pressure.