Summer’s Meant for Loving… June 18th-24th, 2018

This week, you will see many miracles. You will see spring ripen into summer like anxiety relaxing into contentment. But to experience the full scope of this journey, you will feel pulled deeply into a daydream, blooming with sultry romance.

Packin’ all my things for the summer

Lyin’ on my bed, it’s a bummer

‘Cause I didn’t call when I got your number

But I liked you a lot

The week begins with Neptune turning retrograde in Pisces. When the Neptunian tides begin to move inward, expect to feel drawn deeper into an awareness of the archetypal realms, where your fate, fortune and free will become one of the main focuses of conversation.

Caught up in my dreams and forgetting

Neptune’s shifts are often accompanied by flashes of light that offer perspectives from the gods. In these flashes are revelations about where your life has become tangled up in delusion. It is typical to experience such awakenings as an existential crisis, but know that this crisis will be guided by healing and comfort through the grand water trine made to Jupiter Rx in Scorpio and Mercury in Cancer.

I’ve been acting like armageddon ’cause you

Held me in your arms just a little too tight

That’s what I thought

Existential crisis or not, the solstices are the most sacred times of the year. In the northern hemisphere, the Sun will finally reach its apex in the heavens, beginning its slow descent into the ripening and blissful beauty of summertime.

But before the solstice, the last days of Gemini season are like a windstorm, howling through even the quietest and most tranquil valleys. Feeling how so many tremors begin rippling through you at once, hold fast to something that centers you. With Mercury in Cancer, prepare to experience piercing thoughts that violently whip at your heart. In windstorms such as these, you can easily become swept up in delusions, daydreams, or into a violent confrontation with your own self-loathing.

As it ascends, imagine that the Sun can see more of the earth every day. So, as the Sun climbs higher and higher, your inner world may feel increasingly exposed, lost in a wilderness of the vastness of potential and choice.

Summer’s meant for loving and leaving

I was such a fool for believing that you

Could change all the ways you’ve been living

But you just couldn’t stop

Like all great drama, there must be tension that builds to create climax and release. 

But the final days of Gemini also contain an intoxicating elixir, a blend of curiosity and joy that makes the night sky shimmer and glow with triumph. The stars know that the Sun’s laborious ascent is soon to be realized, followed by the sweet relief and blissful release. Like a ripe fruit dropping from the tree, the Sun will soon descend into summer.

As the Sun reaches its apex at the solstice, it enters into the domain of Cancer, a fertile oasis where weary travelers are welcomed to rest and renew themselves. Imagine the softness of silk upon the wind. Quiet blue ripples. Warm rose petals.

In Cancer season, anything that has been parched and cracked by the wind will be soothed and softened. In these warm waters, you will be deeply renewed in comfort and joy. With a great sigh of relief, let yourself fall in love with the warm and tender heart of summer.

Slippin’ on my dress in soft filters

Everybody said you’re a killer, but I

Couldn’t stop the way I was feeling the day

your record dropped

Expect to be stirred by deep romantic longings, for it is in Cancer season that you can imagine the Sun falling in love with the Moon.

It is the Moon that rules Cancer, for it is through her magic that the Sun begins to yield to the night. One can only imagine the Moon singing the sweetest love songs to the Sun, drawing him into her world one heroic image at a time. In her songs, she must exalt his strength, glorify his light, and magnetize him to come nearer.

The day I saw your white Mustang

…said you’re a wild Mustang

To become immersed in the archetypal romance of the Moon’s seduction of the Sun, I invite you to listen closely to the song White Mustang by Lana Del Rey.


In many ancient mythologies, the annual arc of the Sun in the sky was envisioned as a fiery charioteer. There was some driving force, some great strength, bringing the light higher and higher in the sky. The memory of this charioteer can be seen in the Tarot card, The Chariot, which is associated with the sign of Cancer.

Your white mustang

You’re revving and revving and revving it up

And the sound, it was frightening

Lana Del Rey as the Moon, envisions the Sun as the wild charioteer. From the lunar realms of soft filters and impressionism, she knows how thin the line is in the presence of his power.

Everybody said you’re a killer, but I

Couldn’t stop the way I was feeling the day

Your record dropped

Despite the attraction and tenderness that the Moon feels for the Sun, she knows that his brightness can burn. All the revving and revving it up is frightening to the her gentle nature, but she knowingly turns this vulnerability into her most seductive power.

To turn the Sun away from his apex of achievement in the heavens demands a beautiful song of worship by an artful enchantress. This is the Moon’s power over the Sun and at the summer solstice, it becomes time for her to use it.

You’re gonna hit me like lightening

The Week Ahead

Monday, June 18th: Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces

Try to feel the truth about who you are and what you know more deeply now. Sometimes when Neptune shifts its tide, the wandering and meandering journey to nowhere suddenly ends up in now here!

Tuesday, June 19th, Venus conjoins the North Node in Leo.

Venus in Leo conjunct to the North Node will make you feel more attractive to the brightest future and the most golden opportunities you can imagine. This is a place where Venus can light your life on fire. Where do you need more light?

Wednesday, June 20th: The Grand Water Trine

The Grand Water Trine is most powerful around the middle of the week, when Mercury in Cancer trines Jupiter Rx in Scorpio and Neptune Rx in Pisces. Your words will be wise and healing. Consider what the power of the word really is, what the logos represents and use this light for your own benefit. Dream of your own fate and let it ripple on into eternity.

Thursday, June 21st: The Solstice

The Sun will finally pass through one of its two gates, giving rise for a great celebration! The zodiac itself represents the great mythological arc of the Sun and the two most important points along the Sun’s journey around the ecliptic are the solstices, marking the ascent of the Sun in winter and the descent of the Sun in summer.

For the northern hemisphere, this is the day of the Sun’s descent, the day the Sun begins to fall for the Moon.

Friday, June 22nd: Moon moves into Scorpio

A deep hunger and thirst emerges, an instinct that gleams deep with the eyes. The poetry of the Sun’s slow descent into darkness can be felt with great depth at this time.

Saturday, June 23rd:  Mercury in Cancer opposed Pluto Rx in Capricorn

A dark truth, already hinted at on Monday, will be laid out for you to inspect. This opposition between mind (Mercury) and death (Pluto) will most likely create a challenge that asks you to confront the deeper motivations of yourself and others.

The keen instincts of a great detective can be born under an influence like this, but so can the maniacal mind of a witch hunter. To prevent any reactionary judgements about others, first look for the face of your own shadow in your enemies.

Sunday, June 24th: The End

The Moon breaks through the darkness of Scorpio, quenching your thirst for meaning and truth. The burning thirst of unquenchable desire finds cool relief and a return to contentment. 

Happy summer!