She’s a Rainbow ~ January 21st-27th, 2019

She comes in colors ev’rywhere…

She’s like a rainbow

Coming, colors in the air

Oh, everywhere

The Sun has now left the uphill battle of Capricorn behind for the freedom lands of Aquarius. The Sun’s longing for another world…a better world in Capricorn is finally answered by a vision.

The transition into Aquarius flattens the steep cliffs and mountain peaks, revealing an expanse of wilderness stretching on into infinity. It is here that the material world dissolves into the ether, the way a rainbow’s red blurs into orange.Aquarius sits upon the edge of this dissolution between worlds, acting as a medium between spirit and matter. Aquarius is the place where the future is dreamed into being.

At first, the Sun in Aquarius seems to promise liberation from the gravity that weighs down in Capricorn. But the traditional ruler of Aquarius is also Saturn, reminding you that the power of dreaming the future into being remains a heavy responsibility.

Fortunately, this is a week where you will be gifted with the opportunity to unburden yourself. This week you can cast a huge weight from your shoulders and let yourself lighten up. The beginning of 2019 was decidedly somber, but following the lunar eclipse in Leo, a renewed sense of freedom and possibility should begin to emerge.

The final lesson of the Sun’s journey through Capricorn is to remember that life is meant to include storms of great challenge. But every dark storm is followed by the return of light and color.

The week begins with Venus conjunct to Jupiter in Sagittarius, shining like a rainbow through any lingering clouds.

She comes in colors ev’rywhere

She combs her hair

She’s like a rainbow

The Venus and Jupiter conjunction is a many-splendored thing. Your striving and struggling is replaced with an abundance of joie de vivre. It is at times like these when you should feel like some of your dreams are really coming true. With Venus conjunct to Jupiter, your heart will blossom like a rose, unfolding layer upon layer of its fragrant beauty.

Have you seen her all in gold,

Like a queen in days of old?

She shoots colours all around

like a sunset going down.

Inhale deeply of this moment, appreciating your life as a great gift.

Many things in your life will remain very serious and earthbound, considering that Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node all remain in Capricorn.

But this week following the lunar eclipse is a very special bouquet of Sagittarian fire mingled with Aquarian idealism. Expect sudden rebellions and explosions of beauty, color, and joy!

She comes in colors ev’rywhere…

She’s like a rainbow

Coming, colors in the air

Oh, everywhere

She comes in colors

This mixture of energies will playfully mingle an ancient sense of tradition, upheld by Capricorn, with Aquarius‘ high-spirited urge for rebellion. With Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius, this push and pull should find easy expression in your creative and romantic endeavors.

This quality of energies this week is beautifully expressed in the Rolling Stones’ song, She’s a Rainbow from their 1967 release Their Satanic Majesty’s Request.

Have you seen her dressed in blue?

See the sky in front of you

She’s a Rainbow is a playful music box melody, an innocent and romantic spirit of love uplifting enough to chase the clouds of anger and disenfranchisement away. This is why it is widely considered to be the band’s “prettiest and most uncharacteristic song”.

She’s a Rainbow was significant because it was one of the first songs that the Rolling Stones produced without their manager Andrew Oldham. The song’s unusual style was actually a rebellion against Oldham’s wishes for the future of their sound. 

Thus, the whole album Their Satanic Majesties Request ended up being the Rolling Stones most bizarre album. The array of musical influences they experimented with is a perfect example of the attitude of Aquarius finding a way to lighten up some of the restrictions of Capricorn.

The astrological influences this week evoke the whole story of She’s a Rainbow, from the lyrical revelation of the divine feminine to the underlying spirit of rebellion that inspired the sound. Expect a glorious kaleidoscope of days ahead.

Monday/Tuesday: All in Gold

Depending on your time zone, the Full Moon eclipse in Leo was on Sunday night or Monday morning. Either way, the week begins with that great emphasis upon the final eclipse that will occur the Leo/Aquarius axis. The cycle of time that began in February 2017 has now been completed.

Like a stone falling in a pond, this eclipse energy will have increased the frequency of rippling current. Though the reverberation will be felt, the square between Mars in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn on Monday will begin finding ways to contain these energies. The crushing weight of reality will demand a thorough assessment of any and all plans you may have for the future.

The eclipse in Leo will illuminate a reason for being. But you will become keenly aware of the work and responsibility that you must do in order to develop. It is best to develop a positive relationship with Saturn since the planet of discipline and restriction will be transiting Capricorn until December of 2020.

Everything you wish to accomplish can be made possible, through a great deal of focus and very hard work.

On Tuesday, Mercury will conjoin the South Node in Capricorn, a time when significant messages are likely to come through from the past.

Whatever may be haunting you will be uplifted by the Venus’ conjunction to Jupiter in Sagittarius on this same day. This is an aspect that canbe considered a marriage of true minds. In traditional astrology, Venus and Jupiter are called the lesser and greater benefics. Thus, this conjunction between the benefics with Jupiter in his sign of rulership, is a very auspicious moment. Expect golden opportunities, golden sunsets, and a kaleidoscope of beauty to bless the rest of the week.

Wednesday/Thursday: She Shoots Colors All Around

On Wednesday,  Mercury in Capricorn will square Uranus in Aries right before entering into Aquarius on Thursday. This will inspire an experimental and innovative tone of thinking to overtake you. Mercury’s entrance into Aquarius will also trigger the point the Sun’s position during this eclipse, so new dimensions of thinking will begin to be uncovered now.

When Mercury is released into an air sign, the collective begins to become more oriented towards symbolic and abstract thought. In Aquarius, the mind becomes oriented towards solving problems of the future.

This shift in Mercury’s tone will finally stir up some of creative and inventive spirit that you hope to have at the dawn of a New Year. Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Like a Rainbow

The weekend is a time to expect your highest spirits and most exuberant energy to return to you. On Friday, the spirit of Jupiter in Sagittarius brings another great blessing to this week with a trine to Mars in Aries. This is optimistic and passionate energy that reaches out with open arms towards health, good fortune and prosperity.

Let yourself feel good about life this weekend. There is much to celebrate. As the light begins to break through the clouds, your soul and spirit will be nourished and restored. 

Color’s everywhere

She’s like a rainbow


All rainbow paintings by Frederic Edwin Church