Dream Pop ~ March 25th-31st, 2019

And oh my dreams

It’s never quite as it seems

This is the second week of the Sun’s journey through the fire sign of Aries. By now, you should feel the spirit of the zodiacal New Year starting to burst forth like a sunbeam through a cloud. The Sun in Aries now melts your heart with its brightness and enthusiasm.

I know I felt like this before

But now I’m feeling it even more

In the warmth of its light, you can feel that you’re about to start an epic journey that will carry you towards the promised lands of your dreams. But you must have just a bit more patience. You will be able to officially start that journey next week.

Then I open up and see

The person falling here is me

A different way to be

In the meantime, the last days of March are like an elongated daydream, a psychedelic maze that lures you back into the oceans of Pisces.

“A twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop.”

The surreal quality is influenced by Mercury Rx in Pisces lingering in a conjunction with Neptune all week. For the collective mind (Mercury) to be mystified and enchanted by Neptune’s surreality is to lose orientation. You’ll fall into fractals and wind through labyrinths, feeling little sense of measurable progress.

Everything will become dissolute and shape-shifting. Amidst the swirl of images and symbols, you’ll realize that life is but a dream. But like all great dreams, your life’s journey has a message of wisdom and eternity to uncover.

As the great explorer of dreams Carl Jung once said:

The dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and secret recesses of the soul, opening into that cosmic night which was psyche long before there was any ego consciousness, and which will remain psyche no matter how far our ego consciousness extends.

Pisces represents the vast ocean of the soul, the primal psychic world where all symbols of myth, religion and art first emerge.

To add an extra dimension of loveliness to the dreamworld, on Tuesday Venus will enter Pisces, her sign of exaltation. 

Oh my life is changing everyday

In every possible way

The experimental dissonance of Aquarius will dissolve into dream pop waves that flood your heart with romantic feelings. Like the opening crash of the Cranberries’ lovesong Dreams, Venus in Pisces brings a wave of ethereal transcendent bliss. Suddenly everything becomes glistening, lilting and warm.

And oh my dreams

It’s never quite as it seems

When Venus is in Pisces, her power to attract love and luxury reaches its apex of power. In Pisces, Venus returns the ocean from whence she was born, stirring the primordial waters of generation.

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Living in the realm of dreams, when Venus is in Pisces your imagination will ride upon new waves of inspiration. You can imagine Venus in her most voluptuous pose, glistening with the seafoam of creation…

The gift of Venus in Pisces is to make magic easy…to attract both love and luxury in the service creation. During this three week transit, let yourself relax and soften into daydreams.

So understanding and so kind

You’re everything to me

This is a period of time to let yourself return to a flowing sensation of love and imagination. During this Venusian holiday, all gentleness, devotion and creativity honors the goddess whose love is as deep as the ocean.

And oh my dreams

It’s never quite as it seems

Knowing when the powers of Venusian magic are at their ripest and most voluptuous allows you to accomplish many wonderful things with the least amount of resistance!

In Pisces, all the best qualities of Venus are at their apex of expression. The experience of love, beauty, eroticism, creativity, imagination, and fertility are all greatly enhanced while Venus traverse this sign.

When Venus is in Pisces, her powers freely flow. The expansiveness of Pisces magnifies her powers of attraction. Venus in an oceanic realm makes everything glisten and gleam, summoning new waves of love and luxury.

‘Cause you’re a dream to me

Dream to me

The power of Venus in Pisces can be summarized as the desire to give birth to something transcendent.

Venus governs the experience of love and desire. When she is in Pisces, her place of exaltation, her power to attract and experience love becomes oceanic and all encompassing. It is in Pisces that all types of love can emerge! Divine love,  maternal love, romantic love, erotic love…

When you’re daydreaming about love and luxury, doesn’t it feel like you should be able to cast a net and draw those images into reality? When you’re swimming with Venus in Pisces, you can!

Making dreams into reality is what magic is all about, and Venus’ transit through Pisces is when the breezes and currents will gently carry you to find whatever your heart desires. 

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Monday/Tuesday: Oh My Dreams

The week begins with Mercury retrograde lingering over Neptune in Pisces. Study all the significant imagery that crosses your path as you would a symbol in a dream. Let yourself feel guided and fated, relinquishing the need for precision and exactitude. Instead, let your soul speak freely.

On Tuesday, Venus enters Pisces. The Moon will conjoin Jupiter in Sagittarius on this same day, foretelling of good-fortune and high spirits.

This is a favorable shift, bringing four planets into potent placements in the heavens. The Sun and Venus are exalted. And Jupiter and Saturn are in their rulerships. This makes it easier for everyone to get into the flow. Let Venus’ transit through Pisces increase the pleasure you take in life.

Wednesday/Thursday: You’re a Dream to Me

On Wednesday, Venus in Pisces will sextile Uranus in Taurus encouraging a little extra boldness in stating your desires. The receptivity of Venus in Pisces coupled with the innovative spirit of Uranus in Taurus can attract some very strong prospects in love, friendship and money.

On Thursday, Mercury stations direct in Pisces still conjunct to Neptune. Because this shift in direction happens in the misty light of Neptune, clarity will not be ready to return just yet.

This is a period of extraordinary intuition, where significant messages of healing and spiritual guidance will emerge. But your mind will feel slippery, prone to escapism, intoxication, and fantasy. Inebriation will weaken your susceptibility to negative influences. And wishful thinking may darken your true creative power. Until April, you’ll have to keep treading water to stay afloat.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: You’re Everything to Me

On Friday the Moon will conjoin Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn, summoning a heavy burden of emotional responsibility. The Moon’s transit through Pluto’s sphere and the South Node in particular will dredge up some darkness from the past that requires transmutation. Accept this as necessary labor for the good of your future happiness.

On Sunday, the airy Moon in Aquarius will have you feeling objective about the emotions you experienced on Friday. And when Mars moves into the air sign of Gemini, you’ll feel a massive acceleration of your ability to gather and categorize information.

After such a long time with Mercury retrograde in Pisces, this transit of Mars in Gemini will offer a refreshing sensation of sharpness and speed. The sign of Gemini is symbolized by the twins, the dual hemispheres of the brain. Thus, you will experience an uplift in your information input and output. You may find yourself speeding into conversations, attacking reading materials, and writing up a storm.

Mars in Gemini lives and breathes by the adage: knowledge is power. This will be an important element of the journey that begins next week at the New Moon in Aries.


Have a beautiful week.


Much Love,



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