Light My Fire! ~ April 1st-7th, 2019

The month of April begins with a romantic enthusiasm, inspired by the Sun and Venus in their exalted placements and Mercury’s lingering submersion in the dreamworld of Neptune. This week is the rush of blood to the head that you’ve been waiting for!

So many blessings and opportunities will begin to arrive, many borne upon the soft warm breezes of Venus in Pisces. Meanwhile, Mars’ transit through the air sign of Gemini will activate your eagerness to diversify your mind, study broadly and communicate dynamically. On Friday, like a cymbal clash, the New Moon in Aries will signal a potent increase in the momentum of growth you’re experiencing.

Girl, we couldn’t get much higher

The spirit of courage and independence that the season of Aries inspires will offer you great determination to start making measurable progress. You will feel destiny calling. You will feel born for something important. Lit up from within, you will know the path that you must travel.

Come on baby, light my fire

This week is aflame with joy and curiosity. And with three planets still in Pisces, you will remain blissfully enchanted by the blossomy air.

Aside from its romantic interludes, springtime also emphasizes some important and necessary work. Aries season is ruled by the element of fire, which supports the awakening of new life, the ignition of consciousness, as well as the process of cleansing and purification.

Spring cleaning is an essential Arian ritual to refresh and rejuvenate your life. It acts like a purifying flame to clear out stagnation.

Try to set the night on fire

On a psycho-spiritual level, this week the purifying flame of Aries will be made atomic by Pluto conjunct the South Node in Capricorn. A deep excavation will be initiated, an archaeological dig into the ancient past. This combination of energy can destroy the power that toxic relationships, family curses, and deadly habits may have over you. Consequences and debts may emerge to be paid.

The time to hesitate is through

No time to wallow in the mire

If you’ve been waiting for a time to heal ancestral wounds, this is a perfect window of opportunity. Though the purging and destruction of an old paradigm is necessary for your healing and growth, it may catalyze a lot of resistance and fear. After all, the devil you do know feels safer than the wild unknown.

Try now we can only lose

And our love become a funeral pyre

It is the time of the season to move forward, increasing your mobility and speed by letting go of the deadweight from the past. Whatever you sacrifice to the Plutonian tides will make room for the future that you’re dreaming into being.

The lightness and darkness of this week is perfectly embodied in the 1967 song, “Light My Fire” by The Doors.

The Doors were specifically an L.A. band who wished to be considered quite separate and apart from the San Francisco music scene that espoused “peace and love”. In this way, The Doors embodied the fiery Arian spirit of independence and individuation.

The 1960’s was a fervently creative and revolutionary time, but the bubbly utopian ideas of the era naturally cast a dystopian and nihilistic shadow. The Doors preferred to walk on the darker side of things.

The Doors were also quite Plutonian, making the death of Western civilization one of their recurrent themes. They saw Los Angeles as being the end of the world, the final edge of Western expansion. As member Ray Manzarek was quoted saying:

“Western civilization ends here in California at Venice Beach, so we stood there inventing a new world on psychedelics.”

Plutonian wisdom always envisions the rebirth that follows death.

In the spirit of Mars in Gemini, The Doors were influenced by a wide array of intellectuals and poets. Singer Jim Morrison was famous for his wealth of literary knowledge. Just to name a few, he cited the poet Arthur Rimbaud, playwright Antonin Artaud, and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche as inspirations for his work.

Despite their rejection of the San Francisco scene, Light My Fire was a huge hit during the Summer of Love, making it an anthem of that historical time and place. In the context of this week, let its strange heady mixture of romance and nihilism inspire you to stay lit up from inside! The spirit of Aries is calling you overcome the darkness and confusion with a flame of courage and independence.

Try to set the night on fire

Monday/Tuesday: Couldn’t Get Much Higher

On Tuesday, the final conjunction between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces will occur. This surreal conjunction has been influential since March 24th, when Mercury was still retrograde. Even after Mercury’s station direct last week, the Neptunian mists made reality feel slippery and strange. The gifts of this elongated conjunction have been many. The power of symbols and myths have revealed their watery origins. And magic has bubbled up like seafoam all over the surface of your life.

There’s been less precision and logic to rely upon during Mercury’s liaison with Neptune. But this has facilitated your ability to use intuition and feeling to navigate your way. During this final conjunction, you may feel brightly attuned to higher dimensions of awareness, where transcendent ideals and revelations are born.

Your dreams are windows to your soul. And your daydreams can become interludes for divine communion.

Wednesday/Thursday: Love Become a Funeral Pyre

On Thursday, the Dark Moon in Aries will accompany Pluto crossing the South Node in Capricorn. You may feel psychically vulnerable and haunted by the past. But the rising tension will be accompanied by a release. You could become liberated! It is likely that some significant power roles will shift, followed by a necessary death and transformation of that which deprives you of spiritual, economic, or creative growth.

Try to remember this is a purification and cleansing process. Honor it as such and accept what must be sacrificed.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Baby, Light My Fire!

On Friday, the New Moon in Aries will light your fire! New Moons occur when the Sun and the Moon conjoin, merging their energies to ignite a fertile cycle of creative and emotional growth.

Since the equinox, the springtime energy has been wallowing a little, due to the waning Moon and Mercury’s retrograde in Pisces. But now, all that murkiness is burned away to reveal the new inspiration you’ve been waiting for.

The cardinal fire of Aries is excitable and impulsive, giving you a surge of passion to start investing in your growth and achievement. The Moon in Aries will also inspire emotional independence, giving you the strength to forge your own way if necessary.

The erratic qualities of this New Moon will be contained by a square to Saturn in Capricorn, keeping you aligned with your long term plans for stability. This is a very fortunate New Moon to begin an adventure or a project that you’re willing to work hard for.

The weekend is softened and blessed by the beauty of Venus. On Saturday and Sunday the waxing Moon will travel through Taurus, a Venus ruled sign where the Moon is exalted.

This blesses your New Moon intentions with extra love and nurturing. As you luxuriate in the Taurean moon-rays, the influence of Venus in Pisces will begin to rise in a wave of bliss. Now in the middle of Pisces, her power to attract increased love and luxury will be getting stronger.

Let yourself commune with Venus this weekend, opening your arms wide to the goddess of beauty and love.

Girl, we couldn’t get much higher