Outta Sight ~ April 8th-14th, 2019


Baby, everything is all right

Uptight, out of sight

This week, the Sun continues its journey through the fire sign of Aries. The days are filled with momentum and the nights are lit by passion. While spring is in the world, you are quickened by the curling tendrils and blossoming petals of renewal.

Following the New Moon last week, you’ll begin to observe the flowering of many of your plans and projects. A high-note of drama and tension may arise as the Sun in Aries squares the dark and heavy placements in Capricorn. Your point of view may crumble under the pressure of an oppositional voice. You may feel your light obscured by a passing shadow.

But these tense confrontations will be softened by the drifty and dreamy influence of Venus in Pisces. The exalted splendor of this transit will reach a climax this week when Venus conjoins Neptune. Like the golden light of sunset dancing upon water, Venus and Neptune will enchant the world with their romantic reverie.

This week also brings Jupiter’s station retrograde in Sagittarius, which will shift the tone of your appetite for wisdom and expansion. Jupiter’s retrograde motion does not indicate negation or misfortune.

Instead, Jupiter’s retrograde allows you to integrate any significant growth that you’ve made since last November. You will begin to perceive signs of inward growth and increased optimism.

There are some really challenging moments this week. But the exalted Sun in Aries is aflame with courage. And Jupiter’s retrograde in Sagittarius is blessed with the wisdom of optimism.

This week, you will stand up to face the darkness, affirming that everything is alright, uptight, outta sight!

Optimism and good cheer are not always the easiest thing to find, especially when you’re feeling sorry for yourself. But music is the best medicine for that trouble. With the right song as your guide, you can become reborn upon a wave of joy in a matter of minutes.

A truly great song that can transmute any dark mood is the 1966 hit, Uptight (Everything’s Alright) by Stevie Wonder.

But it’s all right if my clothes aren’t new

Out of sight because my heart is true

The lyrics express the exuberant bliss of a poor young man who is loved by a rich woman for nothing less than the beauty of his soul. This evocation of transcendent love is a perfect Venus and Neptune daydream.

She says baby everything is all right

Uptight, out of sight

Beyond the romantic narrative, this song is enchanted with the courageous power of transmuting doubt into triumph! Prior to this song’s release, Stevie Wonder’s status at Motown records was under threat. He had been signed a few years prior, marketed as a 12-year old genius and in that role he had been a sensation.

But by the time he was 15 years old, his voice was changing and he had not had a hit record in a couple years. Thus, his future as a recording artist was in question. Stevie Wonder easily could have become discouraged, lost his contract and been fondly remembered as a wunderkind.

But instead, he pushed ahead, breaking back into the scene with Uptight. The song was such a big hit that his place in music history was secured. By 1969, he became one of the first recording artists that was allowed to write, produce, arrange, and perform his own songs. And the artistic freedom he earned allowed him to become one of the greatest songwriters of his generation.

but I’ll never

Never never make my baby cry

Listening to Uptight (Everything’s Alright) transmutes doubt into optimism and fear into bliss. Your mind and heart unite in a feeling of sublime faith in the benevolence of the universe. This is the best kind of medicine to get through any kind of stormy weather.

This week, take a trip with Stevie Wonder and let yourself be reborn in innocence and optimism. Let yourself believe that all is truly right with the world.

And it’s all right

What if I can’t do

Out of sight because my heart is true

Monday/Tuesday: Baby, Everything is All Right

Monday is the only day this week that doesn’t have a major aspect. The Moon will transition from Taurus to Gemini, shifting the mood from settled enjoyment into excited exploration.

On Tuesday, Venus conjoins Neptune, shimmering with the pearlescent light of romance. Your heart will drink deeply of the beauty in the world, finding moments of divine love and compassion throughout the day.

Blissful dreams of the future arise like seafoam. Let these transcendent waves guide your heart’s desires over the coming days and months.

Wednesday/Thursday: Never Make My Baby Cry

On Wednesday, Jupiter will station retrograde in his sign of rulership in Sagittarius. The days when planets change direction tend to be pivotal moments, when a significant shift occurs.

The Jupiter retrograde is a four-month period for deeper spiritual and philosophical inquiry. Since November, Jupiter’s journey through Sagittarius has illuminated many teachers, paths of study and avenues for growth. During this retrograde, you will have the chance to integrate some of those lessons and deepen your knowledge into wisdom.

The jovial optimism can be maintained as a method for facing the challenges that lie ahead. The middle of the week is certainly darkened by the Sun in Aries’ square to Saturn in Capricorn. You will feel restrained or restricted by the burden of responsibility.

And Saturn’s melancholy might find a way to overwhelm your springtime spirits. Even the smallest flame of optimism will enable you to face the events of mid-week with strength and grace. Just take everything one step at a time and see yourself triumphing in the end.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Clean Outta Sight!

On Saturday, the Sun in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn, stirring up an intense storm of fear and self-doubt. You may feel like hiding or retreating into the shadows. Or you may respond by becoming vindictive and controlling. Just watch out for unconscious patterns of self-sabotage that may arise.

Fortunately, the encouragement that you need to lift your spirits back up awaits you on Sunday. The Sun will make an harmonious trine with Jupiter, summoning an illumination of optimism and generosity. The stresses and strains of the week have been endured and the golden glow of the Sun and Jupiter will inspire you to have enough faith and stamina for the journey that lies ahead.

When all is said and done, the week is challenging. But there’s plenty of love, spirit and courage to keep the vibe high!

Baby, everything is all right


ballet photography by Paul Himmel