Disco Light ~ May 20th-27th, 2019

When the Sun is in Taurus, you feel like a warm flower petal, an exquisite still-life brimming with color and fragrance.  

Ooh yeah

But this week, the beauty and tranquility will evolve as the Sun moves into Gemini, bringing the focus from the perspective of the receptive flower to that of the pollinating honey bee.

All the world’s gonna feel my love;

everybody’s lost in disco time.

In Gemini things begin to lift off of the ground, emphasizing the flowering of thought, language and culture. On Tuesday, May 21st, the Sun and Mercury will form a Superior Conjunction, entering the sign of Gemini together as one bright star.

Like you’re flying through the night

on a disco light.

In astrological wisdom, whenever Mercury merges with the heart of the Sun, his energies are purified and strengthened. The mind bows to the wisdom of the heart.

With the mind and heart united, the sweetest gifts of Mercury’s transit through Gemini can begin to blossom. You will sparkle with the light of curiosity and enthusiasm. When Mercury is in Gemini, your mind becomes a honey bee, tirelessly devoted to bringing a vast array of pollens together.

As a pollinator, the nature of Mercury in Gemini invites you to become a little bit of everything around you, adapting to the vibration and tone of anything you encounter. Thus, the music you play and the language you speak quickly shifts to include what you’re picking up on.

The images of enthronement for Mercury in his sign of rulership are that of trade-routes and crossroads, places where a million things all come together at once to create something new!

All the world’s gonna feel my love;

everybody’s lost in disco time.

It is the magic of creation that arises at a great convergence or crossroads of culture that best expresses Mercury’s transit through Gemini.

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The Superior Conjunction on May 21st is a holy-day for Mercury, whose transit through Gemini is the cure for all stagnation and boredom.

Once purified by the Sun, the message of Mercury becomes simple. The mind is the servant of the heart, best used in service of creating connection and unity. Following his time in the heart of the Sun, expect a flood of excitement followed by a rainbow of new ideas, flavors and opportunities.

Like you’re flying through the night

on a disco light.

The sparkle that the Sun and Mercury in Gemini brings could best be described as disco light.

The spirit of disco music is truly emblematic of Mercury’s rulership in Gemini. To Mercury, the convergence of cultural influences that birthed disco in 1970’s New York City is just as fascinating as anything that arose from the trade in ancient Alexandria.

Before the internet, 1970’s New York City represented the cultural microcosm of the whole world. And disco music was one its most precious wildflower honeys.

Mercury is happiest when he can dance freely between polarities, swirling universes together in a ceaseless state of ecstasy. And in true mercurial fashion, disco music brought blacks, Latinos, gays, Italians, and acid freaks together.

This week, you will experience some of the magic that happens at the crossroads between worlds. Attracted to places where great conversation and convergence can happen, the freedom of mercurial spirit will inspire you to learn from everyone.

The light of Mercury and the Sun in Gemini will inspire you to become a pollinator, bringing a vast array of ideas, flavors, and sounds together.

Monday/Tuesday: Feel My Love

On Tuesday, any lingering mental stagnation will clear as the Sun and Mercury conjoin in Gemini. This begins the new zodiacal season, one devoted to the flowering of thoughts and ideas. The element of air brings new life to your creative work.

Wednesday/Thursday: Flying Through the Night

On Wednesday, Mars in Cancer will sextile Uranus in Taurus, an influence that makes it pleasurable and fun to make changes. When Mars aspects Uranus, your energy and motivation will be directed towards things that represent innovation and excitement.

This will be a welcome addition to the creative spirit that Mercury in Gemini has engendered.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Disco Light

The week concludes with the Sun in Gemini sextile to Chiron in Aries. The Sun’s relationship to Chiron will bring you necessary insight into a problematic or painful situation. You will experience deep conversations, healing messages, and signs from the divine that encourage you.

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   artwork by M.C. Escher