Lucky Star! ~ July 29th-August 4th, 2019

You must be my lucky star

‘Cause you shine on me wherever you are

I just think of you and I start to glow

And I need your light and baby, you know

The second week of the Sun’s transit through Leo brings the New Moon, a sunburst of joy and good cheer. With the start of this new lunar cycle, the darkness of the eclipses can finally fade into a distant memory. The golden dawn has risen and now life really starts to glow.

Whatever emotional challenges you have endured over the last few weeks have made you wiser. You may see things quite differently now. And though you may have lost friends, time, health or money, now you may begin creating new conditions and attaining new levels of self-realization. 

The Sun in Leo is like a melody of light, inspiring you to live your life with the innocence and enthusiasm of a child. This New Moon in Leo is all about sowing the seeds of love, helping you to recover from all the recent discouragement or sorrow.  

To add extra sparkle to things, Venus in Leo will be conjunct this New Moon, adding her powers of attraction to this already fortunate moment. Suffice it to say, this is an ideal moment to speak from the heart and make a wish!

Starlight, star bright, make everything all right

Wishes are the flowers that bloom from your heart’s deepest desires. And during this week of the New Moon in Leo, the heavens above will be extra receptive to the longings of your heart.

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GOLDEN: A Royal Celebration of the Sun in Leo

The season of Leo is the time of the Sun’s rulership, which exalts the solar virtues of courage, vitality, and joy. But in the ancient world, this season had an even deeper mysticism within it, one that connects to the star Sirius.

Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight

Sirius is the wishing star from all the classic children’s songs and stories. It was once a common practice to wish upon the star Sirius, which burned like a diamond in the sky. Its twinkling radiance signified its magical potency and power. Even in Christian times, during the early Renaissance, theologians interpreted the light of Sirius as being angelic, a bridge between humanity and God.

You must be my lucky star

‘Cause you make the darkness seem so far

And when I’m lost you’ll be my guide

I just turn around and you’re by my side

And it is this vestige of ancient religion that Madonna’s twinkly 1983 song, Lucky Star so beautifully evokes. You might dismiss this sugar-high pop song as sentimental and shallow. But Lucky Star invokes the magic of Sirius, and its success was instrumental in making Madonna into a star! With her natal Sun in Leo, even before her Kabbalah days, Madonna seems to have had an instinct for summoning power of the Sun and the mysteries that lay beyond.

Starlight, star bright, yeah…

In ancient Egypt, Sirius’ heliacal rising marked the seasonal flooding of the Nile, which were called the dog-days of summer. This is the hottest and most intense period of the year, spanning from late-July to mid-August. 

In European traditions, Sirius’ rising was associated with Midsummer, a magical time when the fairies were believed to have more influence. This idea was memorialized in Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which makes a comedy out of the exploits of a mischievous fairy. 

This week of the New Moon in Leo is a peak moment in the days of Sirius’ rising, when your wishes come into alignment with all this fiery radiance.

Starlight, star bright, yeah

In August, Sirius rises in the east, before the Sun. In ancient Egypt, Leo season was a celebration of the Sun’s power as well the power of Sirius. It was believed that Sirius was the origin of all creation: the Sun behind the Sun from which everything emerged.

In the Secret Teachings of All Ages, Manley P. Hall writes:

“Recognizing the sun as the supreme benefactor of the material world, Hermetists believed that there was a spiritual sun… the great Paracelsus wrote: “There is an earthly sun, which is the cause of all heat…and there is an Eternal Sun, which is the source of all wisdom…”

In Ancient Egypt, Sirius’ was revered as being the divine light of Isis, who was the Mother of the Sun.

In the ancient Egyptian religion, the Sun was born from Isis. And so during Leo season, the glory of the golden Sun is honored alongside the star Sirius.  Many occult scholars have claimed that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built in perfect alignment with Sirius: a temple to the goddess, the Sun behind the Sun that gave birth to the cosmos.

Come on! Shine your heavenly body tonight

From the most ancient perspective, Leo season is about seeing the light. Not only the light of the Sun, but the divine light of Isis, which opens a gateway into higher consciousness, into super-celestial light, into eternity.

This week, beneath the radiance of this abundance of divine light, take a moment to wish upon a star.

Starlight, star bright, make everything all right

Monday/Tuesday: And I Start to Glow

The week begins with the Sun in Leo making a tense square to Uranus in Taurus. There is a restless, romantic energy in the air filled with anticipation. The Uranian energy may emerge as a challenge, but you will respond with enthusiasm and inventiveness. 

You become filled with creative sparks, a wild pulse of raw electricity. Taking risks and experimenting with new forms and ideas becomes highly favorable.  The Sun in Leo gives you the courage to push forward, even when the outcome is uncertain.

‘Cause you make the darkness seem so far

And when I’m lost you’ll be my guide

Wednesday/Thursday: Lucky Star

Wednesday, July 31st, is a special day for wishing and dreaming.

After three weeks of turbulent retrograde motion, Mercury finally stations direct in Cancer. Your mind returns to a place of clarity, but facts and intuition are perfectly blended. With your mind and heart in perfect harmony, you can expect to make very good decisions and plans over the next few weeks. Enjoy the feeling of life returning to forward motion. 

Shortly following Mercury’s station direct, the New Moon in Leo occurs.

This is a sparkling new beginning, the new tomorrow you’ve been waiting for, inviting you to leave all the eclipse energy behind.

Instead, this New Moon in Leo is filled with sunshine and will be in a fortunate conjunction with Venus and a revolutionary square to Uranus. These aspects will accelerate your momentum towards making your wishes come true. 

Your heart will shine brightly and the path towards blissful love and golden opportunities will be illuminated. This is a moment to wish for the life that you really want to live.  

Starlight, star bright…

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Shine Your Heavenly Body

Over the weekend, the newly waxing Moon will enter into the sign of Virgo, adjusting your priorities towards maintaining good health and habits. The sign of Virgo favors purification and cleansing.

The weekend is also influenced by Venus in Leo’s square to Uranus in Taurus, an aspect that will ask for you to raise the vibe, attracting a higher level of Venusian experience. 

Still closely conjunct, Venus in Leo remains bathed by the Sun’s rays. This heals your heart and supports the Moon in Virgo’s desire for purification.

Thus, you will be inspired to live out more refined versions of romance, friendship and luxury than you have in the past. The Uranian energy may test your patience, but the Sun and Venus in Leo will ultimately inspire you to cultivate more dignity, grace and poise.

The week closes with feeling blessed and regal. You will feel your wishes coming true, a tiny pulse of joy deep inside your heart.

Next week, the planet Jupiter will station direct, initiating another wave of good fortune and luck! 

Have a beautiful week!

Much Love,


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GOLDEN: A Royal Celebration of the Sun in Leo