All in All is All We Are ~ New Moon in Pisces

What else should I be

All apologies

On Sunday, February 23rd the New Moon in Pisces will arrive, stirring a rippling wave of emotions that will swell with increasing intensity over the weeks to come. As you drift into a half-lit dream world, let yourself yield to the flow of the currents, trusting that you will be carried to wherever you need to go.

In astrology, New Moons represent a time of planting seeds and birthing new conditions with a sparkle in your eye and a dream to catch. And yet, the wisdom of a New Moon in Pisces asks you to pause.

After a long and tiring journey through the zodiac, the Sun’s transit through Pisces signals the end of a cycle. As the last sign in the zodiac, Pisces is the most spiritualized, the least embodied in the material world. As the conclusion of the Sun’s annual journey, this New Moon in Pisces season has an elegiac quality, the melancholy you feel when something beautiful is coming to an end. 

What else could I write

I don’t have the right

By this time of year, the Sun has played every role, embodying every archetypal energy from the first born ruler in Aries to the wandering exile in Aquarius. Now in Pisces, the Sun has a little piece of wisdom from every sign in it, but has grown weary of becoming. It is time to drift off into dreams.

What else should I be

All apologies

In Pisces season, you too may feel weary of becoming. The vast oceans pull from every direction, making it impossible to choose a direction. Now is the time to be unburdened, letting go of your worldly ambitions to discover who you are beyond all the hype and hustle and noise. 

In Pisces, you surrender to the Soul of the World, whose love and wisdom is the source of all love and wisdom.

In the sun

In the sun I feel as one

With no particular destination you may feel lost at sea. With Mercury’s retrograde motion and Neptune’s shimmering mists, the waters of Pisces can be a surreal swirl of oblivion. Amidst sea and fog, there is no point of perspective to find, no map to follow. All is an abyss of images, rising and falling upon the waves.

The symbol of Pisces, the fish, is a primal image of the collective unconscious: the prima materia of the dreamworld. And with the added influence of the planet Neptune, these dream images will lure you deeper into these waters. Thus, at this New Moon, you will become dissolved into visions and voices of time present and time past, both perhaps present in time future.

In the sun 

Though you may feel lost and uneasy, this New Moon has many treasures to offer. There is a sextile to Mars in Capricorn as well as Uranus in Taurus, baptising your earthly concerns for health and wealth with a renewal of spirit. Also at this time, Jupiter in Capricorn will be sextile to Neptune in Pisces, elevating your work with the wisdom of your soul’s calling. The Sisyphean nightmare of the planets in Capricorn will now be softened by the art of effortless effort. As spirit and matter weave together dreams can become reality.

Finally, the trine between the New Moon and the North Node in Cancer reveals how the motions of the tides are carrying you to a place of comfort where your heart can come into full  bloom.  

In the sun 

In Pisces, you know yourself as a ripple in a vast ocean, a tiny motion that flows into much bigger waves. It is inherent to the sign of Pisces to comprehend the diffuse and fluid boundaries between individual and universal consciousness, between microcosm and macrocosm.

This is where Pisces gains its innate gifts of compassion, for it is a sign that remains aware of the sympathy and flow between all life in the cosmos. 

All in all is all we are

As a testament to this vision of nature, consider what the Renaissance philosopher Giordano Bruno said:

“It is manifest…that every soul and spirit hath a certain continuity with the spirit of the universe….Anything we take in the universe, because it has in itself that which is All in All, includes in its own way the entire soul of the world…” -Giordano Bruno, in De la Causa, Principio e Uno (1584)

The language of soul is imagination, where symbols, dreams and magic all arise. And enfolded within the depths of imagination is the yearning for intimacy with the universe, a relationship with something greater than one’s self.

In Pisces, Sun’s light no longer illuminates your individual story, fueled by the drama of your personal pain. Instead you become one with the whole human story, open to the highest highs and the lowest lows of emotion. So alongside the cosmic reveries and revelations, there is great tragedy and sacrifice. 

Traditionally, songwriters and poets are the most gifted at transmitting the wisdom of Pisces, for they remain closest to the dreamstate of eternal images and are attuned to the whole repertoire of human emotion.

One songwriter who makes the perfect muse for this New Moon is Kurt Cobain of the legendary band Nirvana, whose Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Chiron were all in Pisces.

Kurt Cobain was an instinctual songwriter, whose feel for melody could transform any pain, isolation and mind sickness into a musical journey of great beauty. His lyrics flowed straight from the soul of Pisces, symbolic and surreal. 

I take all the blame

Aqua seafoam shame

He once admitted that:

 “My lyrics are total cut-up. I take lines from different poems that I’ve written. I build on a theme if I can, but sometimes I can’t even come up with an idea of what the song is about.” 

By his own admission, as an artist he had no particular message or agenda. As a Sun in Pisces, he wasn’t trying to become something. He just flowed with wherever the creative currents would carry him, devoted to his soul but lost in the sea of images. As a lyricist, he was gifted many treasures, pearls of wisdom that seemed to speak for everyone. That’s the effortless effort of Pisces.

So at this New Moon, yield to the waves and the tides of the vast oceans, sacrificing the illusion of control to find greater unity with the Soul of the World. As you relinquish your sense of destination and certainty, your horizons will expand to reveal a bigger picture and a greater purpose than you could have ever imagined.

All in all is all we are

All in all is all we are

All in all is all we are

All in all is all we are