STARGAZER Podcast Episode #02: Laura Daligan

Welcome to the second episode of STARGAZER: a podcast about astrology, alchemy and magic.

My guest for this episode is Laura Dalligan, the Red Witch of Glastonbury!

Laura is a true Renaissance Woman. She’s a storyteller, artist and singer/songwriter; a witch, a shaman and Tarot reader.

Laura shares weekly Tarot readings and other valuable witching resources on her YouTube channel RedWitch TV.

She’s appeared on BBC, Sky TV, Channel 4, and the Guardian as a celebrity psychic and expert witch.

I’ve been a huge fan of Laura’s for many years. She is a constant source of inspiration to my work at Aeolian Heart. I was ecstatic when she wanted to appear on the podcast.

We originally scheduled this interview pre-quarantine, so my expectations were much different. However, as a consummate Aries, Laura provided an unyielding light in the darkness of the global situation.

You can learn more about Laura and her Red Witch Tarot School at

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