STARGAZER Podcast Episode #04: Kate Grasso

Welcome back to another episode of STARGAZER: a podcast about astrology, alchemy and magic.

In this episode I talk to my friend Kate Grasso, who is a true romantic: someone who relates to her dreams as reality and reality as a dream. I met Kate last summer through some divinely ordained happenstance and synchronicity, which is usually the way kindred spirits come into our lives.

When we first met, we were supposed to talk about business but we never ended up getting around to that. Instead, we hit the ground running and talked for hours about poetry, art and mystical experience.

I think of Kate as a 21st Century Sappho, a poet/priestess who is illumined from within. Kate seems to live in this effortless communion with the divine and her words nurture the fertility of spirit and soul. In this interview we discuss poetry as being a sacred form of magic born from divine light.

Kate was kind enough to share some of her poems in this interview. And you can read more of her work at her website If you are a fellow poet, don’t forget that Kate is currently accepting submissions.

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