Episode 10 // Astrological Roundtable with Michael Lutin & Frederick Woodruff

Welcome back to another episode of STARGAZER: a podcast about astrology, alchemy and magic.

I always say that success is a mixture of talent, hard-work and good timing. This remains true. But there is also most definitely an element of luck, which remains an ineffable mystery that lies just out of our understanding. Once in awhile, the universe just hands you a gift on a silver platter and you can’t attribute it to anything other than good fortune.

That’s what just recently happened to me.

Now you may remember the interview that my husband Andrei and I did with the amazing astrologer, Frederick Woodruff. Following that interview, I was informed that Michael Lutin had heard the episode and wanted to come on STARGAZER to have a talk with Frederick, Andrei and I!

This was a stroke of good luck because if you’ve been into astrology for awhile, then you’ll know Michael Lutin as one of the OG astrologers of our day. But for those that don’t, Michael Lutin was the astrology columnist for Vanity Fair for over 25 years. He’s also published several astrology books and has been a guest speaker all over the world at many prominent seminars and universities.

In the vast ocean of astrological work, Lutin’s voice is totally original. He has a profound historical, psychological and philosophical perspective in his writing but remains attuned to the currents of popular culture. He plays the role of an urbane intellectual, having lived in New York and Paris for decades. But he has an unerring sense of humor throughout his work that always demonstrates his intention to inspire personal and cultural healing.

In his words he says:

“I believe that deep down all people have a core of brilliant, shining, thrilling, blissful health, natural instinct and confidence. Around that core is all too often found a crust of defense and doubt, formed over the years…I believe my job is to help people break through that crust of defense and doubt to liberate their shining core and restore confidence in their own natural, healthy instincts to follow their own fulfilling path.”

As you can imagine, it was a great pleasure to sit down and talk to Frederick and Michael. Getting to hang out with them was such a trip! I hope you enjoy…

Thank you so much for listening to this interview with Frederick Woodruff and Michael Lutin. If the energies of Capricorn are going to dominate everything this year, it was nice to get to talk with with my astrology elders and learn something new about the work I have devoted myself to.  It was socially uplifting, educational and has given me a lot to reflect upon as I allow myself to mature in this field.

I have recommended Frederick Woodruff’s work before and I will once again encourage you all to check out his website at astroinquiry.com. Frederick’s astrological writing is always on pointe.

And for those who would like to follow Michael Lutin, you can find him at michaellutin.com

And if you are interested in reading about the United States’ Pluto Return, Michael’s book on the subject is the best writing on the matter that I have found. It’s called BOOOMM!: HOROSCOPE USA: The End of Life As We Know It.

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