Episode 14 // Business Alchemy with Maude Schellhous

Welcome to another installment in the ELEMENTAL series, where I interview small business owners that I love to find out just how many inspiring ways there are to work for yourself doing something you love.

I’ve known Maude Schellhous since 2016, back at the beginning of Aeolian Heart. Maude has been working for herself as a hypnotherapist since 1995. Not only does Maude offer one-on-one clinical work, she also founded her own school called Sacramento Hypnotherapy where she has trained hundreds of students.

Recently, Maude has developed a new technique that she calls psychedelic hypnotherapy.

This doesn’t involve drugs. But this technique does alter one’s consciousness to invite a shift in beliefs or one’s physical state.

Psychedelic translates from Greek to mean something like “mind manifesting.”.  Psyche meaning mind and delos meaning manifesting. 

And the word “hypnosis” is derived from the Greek word hypnos, or sleep.

So Maude guides her clients through mind manifesting sleep, a healing practice that invites them to find deep levels of relaxation, awareness, and the strength to change their life for the better.

Maude believes that discovering inner wisdom holds a path to many different areas of our subconscious where we can unlock blockages that can hold us back mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

In my mind what Maude does is totally shamanic, resonating with deep wells of ancestral wisdom. And the spirit of hypnosis as a healing modality recalls the ancient wisdom of Egypt and Greece, whose hospitals and healing centers were actually called Dream temples. In the dream temples, people were guided into enchanted sleep to be healed by the gods.

In this episode, Maude and I discuss her work and its healing benefits. And towards the end, she takes us on a hypnotic journey to experience our inner world directly.

You can learn more about Maude’s work at https://sacramentohypnotherapy.com/

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