Episode 16 // Business Alchemy ~ Frux Farm

Welcome to another installment in the ELEMENTAL series, where I interview small business owners that inspire me. This series of conversations are a reminder that there are limitless ways to offer meaningful work in the world.

What all the people that I interview have in common is a passion, a message, and a willingness to do the work it takes to grow.

My guest today is Alenka Loesch of Frux Farm in Oregon.

Frux is Latin for fruits of the earth, a poetic description of the beauty and abundance that her farm produces.

Alenka and her husband Michael have courageously chosen to dedicate their lives to become a part of an agricultural revolution, one that is returning to the sustainable organic practices that humans have used to cultivate the earth for thousands of years.

Using heirloom seeds, Frux Farm produces healthy food, beautiful flowers and healing herbal medicines. Alenka’s practice of making medicinal tinctures and oils has evolved into Stolas Botanicals, referring to an ancient owl deity associated with the esoteric knowledge of plants and planets.

Alenka dances with nature, working in rhythm with the music of the spheres to inspire her planting, harvesting, and the creation of her medicines. In dialogue with her plants, she listens and waits for their guidance and direction. Everything Alenka does is devoted to healing humanity’s relationship with the earth and remedying the energetic imbalances that arise in our bodies.

In this conversation, she shares some of the harrowing experiences she had when her very young son was suffering from chronic stomach pains. As terrible as this was, healing her child became the inspiration she needed to discover her true path as a healer.

I admire and appreciate anyone who is devoted to health, especially those who grow healthy food and medicinal herbs. In some ways, I think this is the most important work that can be done because if we do not pivot our foodways soon, the whole world will be chronically poisoned for many more generations to come.

Though the 21st century has many luxuries that humanity should be grateful for, there have never been more toxins in our environment.

There is no nice way to phrase this. But we have been experimented on by greedy corporations who are willing to do anything to increase their production and profits. The chronic illness and disease running rampant, even amongst the well fed first world, is staggering. The soil has been depleted of nutrients and replaced with chemicals and pesticides. How many supplements do you take to remain sane and alive?

And consider that food allergies in children have increased 50% since 1997. And then remember that GMO crops were introduced in the US in 1996. In England, GMOs were banned until 1999. Following that, their food allergies also increased by 50%.

And food allergies are just the beginning. Mono-culture and the pesticide laden genetically modified agricultural methods are poisoning the earth and the people who consume this so called “food”.

This is why sustainable farming, like what is happening on Frux Farm, is so important. Sustainable farms act on behalf of biodiversity, inviting the whole web of life to be supported. Everyone knows in the marrow of their bones that the fruits of the earth are meant to nourish and support us. And it is this most basic common sense wisdom that Frux Farm represents.

To learn more about Alenka’s work at Frux Farm, visit https://fruxfarm.com/

And to learn more about her work with Stolas Botanicals, visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/StolasBotanicals

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