Creativity in Crisis: How to Keep 2020 Vision in Uncertain Times

This month marks the one year anniversary of the world completely changing forever seemingly overnight.

It was in March 2020 that we just needed stay home for two weeks to do our part to flatten the curve…

…and here we are one year later, still masking up, still social distancing, still doing our part to stop the spread.

Do we still open every blog post by saying “in these uncertain times” or is just a given that nothing is certain anymore?

A little uncertainty is good—after all, it’s one of the core human needs.

But so is certainty—and that has been in short supply these days.

People are starting to manufacture certainty themselves like it was bathtub moonshine, casting all doubt to the wind and either falling into bottomless YouTube rabbit holes about the Great Awakening or blindly trusting the mainstream media as if it never lied to us about WMD’s or really anything at all for that matter.

Nowadays the signals for certainty and uncertainty are totally crossed wired.

The only thing that’s certain is the abundance of uncertainty in the world…

…and the only thing that’s uncertain is when a measurable degree of certainty is going to return.

What’s certain these days is that you’ll get out of bed more tired and less motivated than you did today…

…and what’s uncertain is if you’ll have the will to keep up on that health routine that you committed to a week ago.

What’s certain is that today somewhere at the back of your head you’ll worry about money to some varying degree (what if this is the day I finally overdraw and/or “they” decide to crash the dollar once and for all?)…

and what’s uncertain is the faith you have that your relationship will survive the pandemic—or wether you’ll ever have one at all now that the world seems to have ended.

While uncertainty is the ice cream of life, certainty is the cone that keeps it all together.

Creative types from all walks instinctively understand this balance.

Whether you’re a writer, musician or artist, if there’s not enough variety in your life your passion suffers. If things aren’t just even a tad uncertain—if there isn’t just a little adventure, mystery or intrigue in your life—you start to burnout and begin to ask yourself why do I keep doing this?

…but if things are so uncertain that you can’t keep the lights on and the “starving artist” thing starts becoming more than a charming little act you put on for friends and loved ones, then your purpose suffers. You begin examining the decisions you’ve made as an artist and start asking yourself why on earth didn’t I get my real estate license?

And if you think this only applies to artists and writers, then think again.

We are all creators—we all crave a healthy mix of certainty and uncertainty.

Everyone is a born magician, capable of creating the life you desire—sometimes you just need help remembering it.

The creative principle is vital to all walks of life, whether you want to create more health, wealth or love in your life…

…and the fact that you are subscribed to an astrology newsletter is proof that you’re looking for a certain advantage in keeping with the natural creative flow of the universe.

You have the power to transform uncertainty into certainty—to create order out of chaos.

There were times that I didn’t think that I would make it through 2020.

Confession: there were moments that I felt like an utter failure last year.

I faced some of the worst health problems of my life on top of a death in the family and some serious marital problems.

But in the end, I didn’t just survive 2020—I thrived in it.

I knew that if I wanted to make something of that disaster, the last thing I wanted to was just lie down and take it.

What I did instead was retreat from and yield to the energies of 2020 so that I could work with them not only in service to my own spiritual evolution but so that I could be the change I wanted to see in the world.

As an astrologer and spiritual alchemist, I knew that I needed to transmute the energies of 2020 if I had any hope of not being trampled by them.

After all, 2020 kicked off with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (a transit that we’re still arguably feeling aftershocks from).

Saturn, the principle of absolutely certainty, crossed paths with Pluto, the principle of unyielding transformation.

We got to witness a literal playing out of that old philosophical paradox, what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

Or, as my husband has observed…

It was like Pluto told Saturn the meanest yo mama joke of all time, and Saturn retaliated by unleashing the pandemic on us.

In traditional alchemy, Saturn relates to the stage of calcination.

The stage of calcination initiates the Great Work by submitting the substance at hand to a flame so strong that it reduces it entirely to ash.

I knew that 2020 would be massive calcination experience—that it would be an initiation into the Great Work on a global scale…

I knew that the will of humankind would be pushed beyond its breaking point until it shattered into a million pieces so it could be brought back together again stronger than it ever was.

I knew that we took the first step on the path to discover alchemical gold.

But little did I know that it would be like walking on hot coals.

Tomorrow, I’ll teach you a little ritual that invokes the Saturnian powers of calcination to release yourself from the fear that 2020 unleashed so you can get back in the flow instead of being knocked out of it.

If you’re ready to break out of the bad habits that got worse in 2020, transmute fear into courage and reclaim your sovereignty, then I’ve got some really exciting news.

My transformational alchemy course SPIRITUALIZED is coming back.

Last year, I offered what I thought would be my last round of this uniquely powerful course.

Everyone who has taken it has had profound life changing experiences that increased their income, upgraded their love life and improved their health & wellbeing…

..but somewhere at the back of my mind, I always felt SPIRITUALIZED was a problem child that I just didn’t know what to do with.

But when I started receiving feedback from alumni, the scope of impact that this magical course has made in their lives became abundantly clear…

…and after spending a long, cold and lonely winter meditating on everything that has happened in the world in the past year, it dawned on me that this work is far from over.

SPIRITUALIZED takes you on a deep dive into the world of Hermetic chaos magic where you will have a total spiritual transformation.

This course is an embodied alchemical experience.

You will initiate yourself on the path of the Great Work by imprinting its deep principles on a core level…

…and tomorrow, I’m going to share with you some a small ritual that you can use to take the first step on this path.

Stay tuned.