To Hell & Back: A Ritual to Release Fear

In yesterday’s post, I wrote to you about two core human needs:

certainty, or the need for predictability,


uncertainty, or the need for variety.

The chaos of 2020 and beyond has thrown the balance of those two needs into a complete tailspin.

If feels like the only thing that’s certain is that there’s no idea how long this will go on for, and what’s uncertain is how much longer anyone can take it.

This is especially hard when you are a creative type—your creative flow depends on a careful balance between certainty and uncertainty.

But you don’t need to be an artist, musician or writer to be considered a “creative type”—everyone is a creative type.

Everyone creates reality—or at least a story about reality—all the time.

This story that you tell yourself determines everything about how you experience reality—from money, to love, to health and beyond.

You need a healthy balance between certainty and uncertainty to create a story that makes sense—you know, the one where you win in the end.

Otherwise, you feel like you’re in a free fall with no ground beneath you.

That really is how the world feels nowadays: groundless. If you’re not careful you can get ungrounded by everything that’s going on out there.

It’s like we all got cut off at the root.

When you’re constantly ungrounded without anything to catch you, it’s really easy to give into fear.

And like the Bene Gesserit say, fear is the mind killer.

When you’re living in fear you can’t act—you can only react.

And when all you can do is reactthere’s no hope of creating a story for yourself where you win in the end.

If you want to create a beautiful life story, your mind has to be still and undisturbed by fear.

Fear isn’t just the mind killer—it’s the magic killer.

But then again, the mind serves magic like a bottle serves wine. When the former shatters, the latter cannot be shared or enjoyed.

So I’ve put together a little ritual to help you release fear.

Remember yesterday how I said that this all started with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in early 2020?

Saturn is tradition, structure and stability. Pluto is death, decay and transformation. When Saturn met Pluto in 2020, all traditional structures of stability died suddenly, decayed slowly and transformed into the world we live in now. It was like the ground fell out from under us and we’re in constant free fall but we’re still expected to stand on one foot while juggling a dozen eggs.

It’s like that alchemical axiom says: as above/so below, as below/so above. The cosmos is like one big party, and you’re here on dance floor earth shaking your booty to the Music of the Spheres.

Now, in alchemy, Saturn relates to the stage of calcination, which initiates the Work by submitting the matter at hand to a flame so strong it could reduce metal to ash.

Here’s what you’re going to do.

See yourself at the end of the year reaching your number one goal you set out to achieve in 2021: you’re rich, you’re fit, you’re in the flow.

Now, ask yourself…

What is the number one fear that stands in the way of me achieving this goal?

Maybe you’re afraid to put yourself out there because you might be rejected…

…or you’re afraid to diet & exercise because you don’t think you can keep motivated and will relapse into bad habits harder than before…

…or you’re afraid that if your life starts to flow perfectly, you’ll unconsciously sabotage it and fall back into old destructive patterns.

Write your number one fear out on a piece of paper.

You see where this is going, don’t you? Well, don’t get ahead of yourself, little fire starter.

Remember that old alchemical adage that goes as above/so below, as below/so above? Well, it goes without saying that it goes within, too.

As within/so without, as without/so within. It means that your internal state determines your external experience, and your external experience reflects your internal state.

You’re going to burn that piece of paper.

But before you do, you’ve got to change your internal state.

Hold the paper in your hands.

Take a deep breath, exhale and center yourself between the powers of heaven above and earth below—in your heart center where you are the Divine Child of Heaven and Earth.

Now, as you hold that paper in your hands, close your eyes and imagine that it is more than just a piece of paper with your number one fear written on it. See it as the densest, heaviest lead weight in the entire universe. Feel its weight drag you down as you struggle to hold it in your hands. It’s so heavy that it threatens to drag you through the floor!

This is the weight that holds you back from making your dreams come true.

Next, before you ignite your fire source, imagine that it is more than a lighter or a match or a stove top. See that you’re not just striking a match, but summoning a flame from the hottest pit of hell. You can even imagine little devils with pitchforks tormenting all the dictators, serial killers and evil people who walked the face of the earth.

Burn that piece of paper until it turns into ash.

Feel the lead weight of your fear burn away.

You become lighter, releasing tension and breathing deeply.

You feel as light as a feather but as rooted as a tree.

It’s like the polarities of certainty and uncertainty have returned to their natural state of balance.

While 2020 may have kicked off with the super spooky Saturn-Pluto conjunction, there is a light at the end of the (reality) tunnel…

…because 2020 ended with The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, initiating a new 200-year planetary cycle of new ideas and innovation…

…and in my next post, I’m going share with you how to upgrade your alchemy with a little Jupiter magic.

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