Open Your Heart to Me: A Meditation to Find Your Center

Tomorrow morning, around 2:25am PST, there will be a New Moon in Pisces.

Conjunct to this New Moon will be Venus and Neptune in Pisces, both in their sign of rulership. They’ll lend a dreamy, cinematic, fairytale quality to this already mystical New Moon.

With Venus featuring so prominently this New Moon in Pisces, the time is ripe for a little heart magic.

Venus magic is heart magic.

In the Great Work, Venus corresponds to the alchemical stage of conjunction. In practical alchemy, conjunction signifies a time when the essential matter that was isolated during separation is reconstituted in a new compound to complete the work.

Imagine the meditating monk, who has separated his essential Self from the ego. It then recombines with the pure light of the universe (God, Atman, Source, whatever you call it) to complete the monk’s final stages of enlightenment.

The work of conjunction takes place in the heart.

Once you’ve broken through the veil and unified the divided parts of yourself, you’ve finally pulled yourself out of the head.

When you create anything with the head, it’s divided—after all, there’s two hemispheres in the brain. It’s a double sided sword that pens two sides to every story. Whenever it develops a brilliant plan to save the world, it also manifests the complete and total opposite.

Just think of those people who made The Secret back in the mid-2000’s, and how they were all ended up suing each other for the royalties. They manifested millions of dollars, but it got tied up in the courts for years—because they were working with the head.

The heart is space of nonduality.

When you’re creating from the heart, you create from a source of wholly unified nonduality. It creates without ill effect.

The head is like a boss that overworks you for 40 hours a week without overtime pay to barely pay the rent, but the heart is like your grandma who sneaks $20 bills in your pocket for no other reason than she loves you.

It really gives a new meaning to the phrase whole heartedly, doesn’t it?

Getting into the heart is easy.

I’ve been teaching a heart centering meditation to my students for years—and it has worked miracles!

I call it The Divine Child of Earth and Starry Heaven.

This absurdly long name comes from ancient Greece.

It’s story time.

In the late 19th Century, a large number of Orphic Gold Tablets were discovered in tombs all over the Mediterranean. These tablets were actually delicate sheets of gold upon which were inscribed Orphic hymns that offered instructions for the deceased to navigate their way through the underworld.

The mystery cult of Orpheus has a sketchy origin and lineage, but poetry containing distinctly Orphic beliefs has been traced back to approximately the 6th century BC.

From the 6th Century BC all the way up until the first four centuries AD, an undercurrent of Orphism flowed, hiding beneath status quo ideologies, brimming with remembrances of primordial wisdom and ancient Dionysian rites to create a remarkable vision of the after-life. Thus, initiates of the Orphic mysteries lived to prepare for death. The ultimate goal was to become free from the ceaseless cycle of reincarnation.

One of the most beautiful examples comes from a gold tablet found in Hipponion, Italy dating to approximately 400 BC. It describes the soul’s initiation into the underworld as being plagued by a burning thirst. In this desperate state, you will come upon a spring.

You will find in the halls of Hades a spring on the left,
and standing by it, a glowing white cypress tree;
Do not approach this spring at all.

It recommends great caution, for the first temptation in the underworld is to drink from the waters of forgetfulness, obliviating your desire to transcend the wheel of death. According to the Orphic mysteries, this oblivion becomes the fate of most souls until they find initiation. According to the tablets, you must resist the pain of thirst and move forward until you come to the lake of Memory (Mnemosyne).

You will find the other, from the lake of Memory,
refreshing water flowing forth. But guardians are nearby.

These are the waters of remembrance that will invite your soul into eternity, but they are heavily guarded. You will not be granted access unless you know the right thing to say. Luckily, the Orphic hymn offers this secret phrase.

Say “I am the Divine Child of Earth and Starry Heaven!…”
And then they will give you to drink from the divine spring,
And then you will celebrate the rites with the heroes…

Once you had declared your divinity and drunk from the lake of memory (Mnemosyne), the Orphics believed that your soul was free to walk with the mystai and bakkhoi into a heavenly eternity.

In this ancient cosmology, the realization of one’s eternal soul was dependent upon acknowledging intimate kinship with the divine. And it was only the ignorance of this fact that prevented the soul’s from liberation and transcendence.

Here’s what you’re going to do.

Carve out a space of at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Sit down.

First, close your eyes. Start to breath in rhythm with the earth.

Breath in for the count of four. Hold for the count of two.

Breath out for the count of four. Hold for the count of two.

Do this two more times.

Now just let your breath return to its natural rhythm.

Imagine you are in the most beautiful place you can dream of somewhere in nature. Immerse yourself in the surrounding beauty. Feel the love that you have for the Earth and let this love grow in strength as you continue to take in this magnificent scene.

Let the love that you feel for this place concentrate in your heart and with intention send this love into the ground below you, feeling it penetrate all the way to the center of the Earth. Know that the Earth is alive and can feel the love that you have sent.

Pause for a moment and wait to feel a loving response from the Earth.

Now without breaking the connection with Earth, turn your attention to the Heavens. Imagine a night sky filled with the shimmering light. See the Moon and the stars, allowing images and motion to appear within the constellations. Now feel the love that you have for the heavens above.

Let the love that you feel for the Heavens concentrate in your heart and with intention send this love up into the sky, seeing it rise all the way to the center of the Galaxy. Know that the Heavens are alive and can feel the love that you have sent.

As with the Earth, wait until you feel the Heavens respond to you with love in return. When you sense this, let that love sparkle throughout your whole being.

Realize that at this moment that you are fully embraced in love (above and below) with the Divine Mother (Earth) and the Divine Father (Heaven). You are the Divine Child of Heaven and Earth.

Now, without breaking the bonds of love between Heaven and Earth, allow the presence of your divinity to be experienced directly. You are now in the sacred space of the heart.

You may remain in this space for as long as you wish. When you are finished, bring your palms to meet at your heart center, bow your head and gently open your eyes

Try to time this meditation in perfect synchronization with the New Moon in Pisces.

In the nondual space of the heart during the New Moon in Pisces, set the intention to live the most epic life ever.

Draw in those super cinematic energies of Venus and Neptune, and see your life as the most epic movie of all time and you riding off into the sunset at the fairytale end.

Past, present and future are all perfectly aligned in this space in your heart center. When you close this meditation, the first step you take will be the first step toward your destiny.

Your life will be filled with drama & suspense, action & adventure, tragedy & comedy—and you will love every minute of it, because in the end you’ll save the day, be everyone’s hero and get your reward.

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