La Isla Bonita ~ New Moon in Taurus – May 11th, 2021

On May 11th, 2021 the New Moon in the fixed earth sign of Taurus arrives. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, making this a powerful moment to experience the deepest embodiment of spirit in matter, a state of true inspiration.

The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus. Though the Moon has an affinity with water, it is within the solid earth of Taurus that the Moon finds her most ecstatic placement. In Taurus, the wavering light calms, the shifting sand solidifies, and the Moon sinks into a state of rapture. This New Moon in Taurus will breathe new life into your senses, opening you up to the touch, taste and feeling of everything.

New Moons occur when the Sun and the Moon conjoin, unifying their opposing energies to summon rebirth and regeneration of the creative and emotional energies. 

This moment is the calm before a great storm. The lunar eclipse coming at the end of the month will scatter and shift the landscape in unpredictable ways. But this New Moon in Taurus offers a stable moment for meditation and repose.

Last night I dreamt of San Pedro

Just like I’d never gone, I knew the song

This New Moon will lull you into a peaceful daydream. Graced by a sextile from Neptune in Pisces, a soft breeze blows in from across the sea summoning an atmosphere of enchantment. The muses emerge, singing ancient songs. Their touch brings harmony between human and divine. And you remember paradise like it was yesterday, a warm place where desire is kissed by perfect fulfillment. 

It all seems like yesterday, not far away

Neptune offers a transcendent wave of bliss. But memories of paradise are born from the earthen heart of Taurus, which nourishes all life with these radiant visions. And even if paradise has been lost, the wisdom of Taurus asks you to receive life as a gift: to open your senses and linger upon the taste, touch and scent of each moment. 

And when the samba played

The sun would set so high

Ring through my ears and sting my eyes

Marcel Proust once said that: “the smell and taste of things remain poised a long time, ready to remind us…the immense edifice of memory”.  Thus, it is the senses that build and hold memory. When the senses flood, it is a mixture of memory and fantasy that conjures a rich inner world of immense beauty and complexity.

Tropical the island breeze

All of nature wild and free

The ruler of this New Moon in Taurus is Venus, now floating through Gemini with Mercury and the North Node. This influence makes the mind excitable, prone to rapture at every turn. Curiosity flutters everywhere, making it effortless to stay up all night talking, writing, reading, dancing…vibing! 

Warm wind carried on the sea, he called to me

Venus in Gemini finds people endlessly fascinating, falling madly in love with accents, ideas, songs, phrases, books, hats and on ad infinitum. Any transit through Gemini stimulates the desire to know. But the only way to know something is to be able to remember it accurately. 

Just like I’d never gone,

I knew the song. . .

This brings everything back to the wisdom of Taurus, sensuous and alive, forever poised to make the most beautiful memories. In ancient Greece, Mnemosyne, Goddess of Memory, was the Mother of the Nine Muses. From this mythic perspective, memory is the source of all arts and science. Memory is the rich soil that nurtures all inspiration. Nothing flowers in human consciousness without a primal communion with memory

It all seems like yesterday, not far away

In the collective cultural memory, there has never been a woman touched by the muses quite like Madonna. One of the most iconic pop-stars of all time, her songs and videos usually sparked all kinds of conversation and controversy. Like Oscar Wilde had imagined a century before, she was both artist and critic of the mass media world. By pushing the boundaries of personae, she found a way to delight and offend almost everyone.

But Madonna was not just a provocateur. She had a quiet soulful side, expressed in her 1987 song, La Isla Bonita: a Spanish lullaby of pure Taurean bliss. Like a daydream, it touches your memory and merges with fantasy, conjuring primal images of beauty and warmth. 

Warm winds carried on the sea

Memory longs to be touched, so it can be resurrected into new forms and feelings. This is why a beautiful song always transports you to another dimension. There is something new in the experience, no matter how many times you’ve heard it before.

Just like I’d never gone,

I knew the song. . .

As the daughters of memory, the muses inspired creativity with a mixture of truth and fantasy, blending personal experience with the wild flourishings of imagination. The muses speak through daydreams, small fragments of divine revelation wrenched from mysterious caverns, where Paradise is lost and found. 

Under this wave of Taurean influence, you will be given a moment of real repose, where your inner temple of peace and calm can be beautified and fortified. When time seems to stand still, your spirit has found perfect harmony with the material realm. Your rapture makes deep lasting impressions upon the world of form, planting many seeds of beauty, luxury, and joy that will flower in the future.

So let this dreamy New Moon in Taurus liberate your capacity for internal and external pleasure, leading you back into perfect bliss! 

This is where I long to be

La isla bonita

Much Love,