Episode 22 :: Hermetic Astrology w/ Gary P. Caton


This episode of STARGAZER features Hermetic Astrologer Gary P. Caton.

Gary is a rare soul in the colliding worlds of astrology and magic. Listening to his podcast (The Hermetic Astrology Podcast) is like falling into a deep conversation with a kindred spirit, and reading his words (like his groundbreaking book Hermetic Triptycha or any number of his articles in The Mountain Astrologer) reveals a sage wisdom channeled from deep within the Hermetic current.

Gary’s work on the Mercury elemental year has been instrumental in elevating my understanding of the notorious Mercury retrograde from one of fear to transcendence.

I drew heavily from his book Hermetica Tryptica, Vol. 1 for all three of my Mercury Retrograde posts this year [LibraAquarius | Gemini], and now that Mercury is in retrograde in the sign of Libra, it seemed like… well, the Libran thing to do to invite him onto my podcast for an enlightening conversation.

We covered a wide constellation of topics, from his initiation into astrology via a dream in 1993 to the 300-year Venus-Mars cycle to the Mercury elemental return of cryptocurrency and beyond.

Photo credit: Wonder Bright

You can learn more about Gary P. Caton and his work by visiting dreamastrologer.com, following his YouTube channel, tuning into the Hermetic Astrology Podcast, checking out his articles on The Mountain Astrologer or reading his book Hermetic Triptycha, Vol. 1.

You can find more information about Gary’s upcoming workshop on the Venus-Mars Cycle happening on October 9th, 2021 @ 11am EST / 8am PST by clicking here.

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