And the Light Shineth in Darkness ~ Aries Season- March 20th-April 19th, 2022

On Sunday, March 20th, 2022, the equinox arrives, shifting the light and heralding the arrival of spring and a new zodiacal year. The Sun’s supremacy in the heavens is reborn, summoning the renewal of life. The Sun begins its new cycle in the cardinal fire sign of Aries, quickening the pulse of everything in creation. Like the earth itself, you will start to feel awakened and aroused into action.The Sun in Aries craves the opportunity to break through the darkness, turned on by the adrenaline rush of battle. The warring instinct is not driven by bloodlust, but the knowledge that tremendous growth is catalyzed by struggle. This is why the spirit of Aries also represents birth, observed in blades of grass breaking the surface, beaks pecking themselves out of shells, and a bloody head crowning through the birth canal. 

The fires of Aries come to illuminate the darkness, awakening you to a sense of purpose that has been hiding beneath many layers of confusion and despair. Even in times of chaos, the rhythm of the seasons remains steady, guiding the development of life as much as any social turmoil. Amidst uncertainty, the Sun’s rebirth in the fire sign of Aries still breaks open the heavens with a vision of renewal. 

The rhythm of the seasons is the earth’s graceful dance with the cosmos. And the human spirit is greatly humbled when it remembers that even the world’s greatest dramas are only microscopic ripples in the vast web of nature. Not even an atomic war can stop the Sun from rising. 

Throughout millennia, the joy of the earth’s renewal has been felt even amidst times of war, plague and famine. These cycles are larger than human history, bigger than the rise and fall of empires. The emergence of spring is a benediction, poetically described by the ancient Greeks as the goddess Persephone’s return from the underworld. This is the season of resurrection and renewal: the promise of eternal life. The Sun’s ascension through the sky can inspire you to reach higher and climb above the clouds of uncertainty, seeing through the void to the light beyond. Guided by this vision, the spirit of Aries boldly leaps forward into the future with courage, knowing there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

“It all begins with fire.”

Astronomically speaking, the Sun is a ball of burning gas in a state of constant motion, combustion and eruption. The fire of the Sun is at the heart of all living things. This primal connection to fire was observed in the ancient world by Heraclitus of Ephesus, the most influential of the Pre-Socratic philosophers. 

Heraclitus defined the underlying governance of nature as an “ever-living fire”, whose incessant transformations are at the heart of the cycle of life and death. It is fire that turns all the wheels within wheels.

In Heraclitus’ view, fire was the omnipresent dance of life in nature and the dancing light of intelligence within humanity. This dancing light, the divine spark of consciousness, is also known as the logos

“In the beginning was the λόγος …”

– (Gospel of John 1:1)

The word λόγος (logos) in the prologue of John’s Gospel has been translated to ‘Word’ in English, but logos means the divine word of creation, the divine mind of the cosmos. Logos is the inward thought and outward speech of the divine and its light is within all beings. The season of Aries engenders the birth of new life on earth as well as igniting the divine spark, or the light of the logos within.

Nothing New Under the Sun

Before you can spring forward into the light of the new season, it is important to pause for reflection. The last weeks of Pisces season were abysmal, meaning the waters grew very dark, dragging millions of people’s lives into another collective crisis. 

As soon as the war drums started to rumble, the virus vanished. A turbulent storm erupted, rapidly changing the geopolitical landscape. On your left are the looming clouds of WWIII. And on your right are the waves of economic catastrophe. 

The astrology for Pisces season made it clear that the end of February would be a major turning point in history due to the U.S Pluto return. And within 48 hours of the exact date, Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. This happened under the influence of Mars in Aquarius, indicating that this invasion is conquest of ideologies even more than a land grab. And by the end of the season, when Mars goes into Pisces on April 14th, the spirit of war will focus on attacking through subtle energies, through the sorcery of propaganda and poisoning the well.

The invasion of Ukraine has begun a major tectonic shift, signaling the first crack in the unipolar power of U.S. centered global imperialism. Putin’s invasion signals the end to U.S. control on all international affairs using military threats and economic sanctions. And as usual, it is innocent people that are suffering while the psychopaths in power play games. 

In a sickening display of twisted irony, the war criminals in Washington D.C. (the same ones that gleefully supported the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan) are now outraged at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Whether the leaders in the U.S. are totally corrupt or just completely unconscious of their hypocrisy doesn’t matter. Either way, the political climate seems very dangerous with people like these in charge. 

Everyone is afraid. But fear leads nowhere fast. Fear not! Fear is the mind-killer and the soul-crusher. To live without fear is the only way to be free. 

Once upon a time, not so long ago when the world was in crisis, President Franklin Delano Rosevelt used his position of power to inspire the American people to have courage by saying:

The only thing to fear is fear itself.” 

Global problems of the magnitude we are facing right now will not evaporate overnight. But the boldness of the Arian spirit can inspire you to find the courage and strength to not lose yourself in the hysteria. Since there are no leaders in power speaking words of encouragement right now, the spiritual light in F.D.R’s words will have to inspire us in this time as well. The only thing to fear is fear itself.” 

Standing for peace in a time of war takes the most courage when everyone demands that you take a side. But you have the fire within you to be a light in the dark. And in Aries season, the renewal of life on earth can inspire the renewal of your mind, one that can hear the voice of reason amidst hysteria, the voice of love over the roar of hate, and the pulse of courage beneath the panic. 

As St. Paul once told the Romans: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The pattern of the world never changes. It operates through the mass mind of fear and tells the never ending story of  war. But the fires of Aries symbolize the power of renewal. Out of darkness emerges a light that you must follow, guiding you, warming you and asking you to lead! 

The Logos 

It is always inspiring to observe the light of the Sun through the life of an historical figure. And the fires of Aries have never burned brighter than through the renaissance genius, Leonardo Da Vinci. 

He was like a man who awoke too early in the darkness, while the others were all still asleep.

-Sigmund Freud

Da Vinci had very humble origins, born an illegitimate child on April 15th, 1452. Not much is known of his childhood, except that by the age of 14, he began a serious  apprenticeship in the arts.

“Without mathematics there is no art.” 

For over 500 years, Leonardo Da Vinci has represented the gold standard for the archetype of the Renaissance man. This is because he demonstrated boundless talents for sculpture, painting, linguistics, botany, zoology, anatomy, geology, music, architecture, invention, and engineering. His mind seemed to represent the logos unbound, gracefully weaving all levels of consciousness together with an innocent enthusiasm. The light in his mind was both intellect and imagination, allowing him to conceptualize inventions like the bicycle and the airplane many centuries before their time.

Da Vinci was also quite socially intelligent, for he was well acquainted with many of the most powerful people of the era including: Niccolo Machiavelli, Cesare Borgias, and Lorenzo de Medici. In 1482, he entered the service of the Duke of Milan, where he spent 17 years exploring new heights of scientific and artistic achievement. The Duke commissioned all kinds of work, from painting and sculpture to the design of weapons, buildings, and machinery. 

As an Aries, his mind was a blazing torch. But the nature of cardinal fire ignites quickly, but struggles to stay aflame through any long process. Leonardo Da Vinci was notorious for leaving projects unfinished. In fact, in the 17 years that he was employed by the Duke, he only completed 6 works of art including one of his most famous pieces, The Last Supper.

The Last Supper was painted between 1495 to 1498 as a tempera and oil mural on plaster depicting the New Testament Passover scene when Jesus Christ addresses the Apostles and foretells that, “One of you shall betray me.” 

This is the event that leads to Jesus’ crucifixion, death, and resurrection, symbolizing the Arian theme of the Sun’s cycle of renewal. 

The correlation between the Sun and Jesus Christ is widely explored in this painting, for it is not only geometrically complex, using the Golden Mean. Da Vinci’s, The Last Supper, is also laced with astrological references. Jesus represents the Sun and the 12 apostles represent the 12 signs of the zodiac.

The underlying geometry of the painting show the lines of perspective traveling from the eyes of Jesus, like the radiant beams of a sunrise.

But what really points to the astrological dimensions of this painting are the 36 engravings on the ceiling, representing the 36 decans of the ancient Egyptian zodiac. 

When every one of the 12 signs is divided into three parts, the 36 decans emerge. The history of the 36 decans stretches back to ancient Egypt, where the first zodiac wheel, called the Dendera zodiac, was found. This was a map of 36 star constellations engraved upon the ceiling of the Hathor temple at Dendera. 

In The Last Supper, the 36 decans are referenced by the 36 engravings on the ceiling. On Jesus’ right hand, the Apostle Thomas points upward, asking the viewer to notice the symbol of heaven above. 

Da Vinci encoded a variety of mathematical and religious symbolism into The Last Supper. Much of it was intentionally esoteric, for in Leonardo’s own words: 

“Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

This is the Hermetic wisdom that knows nature as an interwoven web of consciousness. Like heaven and earth, the works of Leonardo Da Vinci were interconnected by an invisible geometric-harmony. The light of the logos gave him the power to see how everything was connected, which is why his art offers such a meditative journey for mathematicians, scientists, art historians, religious scholars and esotericists alike.

But the deepest purpose of the The Last Supper is to reveal a key moment in the story of the logos, the light that never goes out, that is murdered by ignorance and resurrected by love. 

“And the light shineth in darkness; 

and the darkness comprehended it not.” 

(John 1:5)

The great gift of Aries season is to let the light of the logos shine through you, renewing your mind and spirit for the year ahead. To contemplate the mysteries of the Logos this Aries season, spend time meditating on the New Commandment the Jesus gave his disciples at the Last Supper,

“A new commandment I give unto you,

That ye love one another; as I have loved you,

that ye also love one another.”

Aries Season Forecast

~March 20th-April 19th, 2022~

March 20th ~ Equinox

The light is ascending now and the promise of life’s renewal is fulfilled. The change in seasons brings many gifts of inspiration and renewed energy. 

But the season of Aries begins with a waning Moon, a purgative influence. A release of your pent up emotions comes with a rush of blood to the head. This may feel warm and pleasant, summoning blushing cheeks and a burst of laughter. Or it may erupt like violent fever, burning up whatever pain you’ve been holding inside. 

This season will summon the light of heaven and the fires of hell. But ultimately, your faith in divine providence will be restored. This is the season of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces, a transcendent union of spiritual energies that hasn’t occurred since 1856.

During this month, you’ll see a vision of a bright future, full of the promise of renewal and restoration.

March 26th ~ Mercury enters Aries

The collective mind will be lit up by a wild rebellious streak. Suddenly, you’ll feel inspired to speak your mind, emphasizing your opinions as valuable. Yes, it can summon a wave of arrogance. But there is a rough cut and charismatic intelligence breaking through the status quo ideas. And it will feel refreshing. 

Independent minds will sparkle under this transit. Passionate ideas will burn more brightly. And amazing momentum will build behind your brightest ideas.

April 1st ~ New Moon in Aries

New Moons summon a fresh cycle of creative and emotional energies. The unity of solar and lunar energies creates a seed moment of growth. But with a conjunction to Mercury and Chiron in Aries, this New Moon is born wounded. This New Moon may ask you to make a sacrifice to help another. And it will cultivate the wisdom that only deep pain can produce. 

Words are the best medicine at this time. Used wisely, there will be great rewards, healing and understanding. But those that use words as weapons, especially against the innocent, will find themselves caught in a trap.

The ruler of this New Moon is Mars in Aquarius, which will be inching up on a conjunction to Saturn. This union of the malefics will drag the vibe of this New Moon down quite a bit. Everything will become slow and laborious, even agonizing at this time. Imagine a sprightly rabbit getting its leg caught in a trap. 

The news will be bad. Ignore it as best you can because there are many beautiful skies ahead. Plenty of redemptive moments to enjoy.

April 1st – April 4th ~ Mars in Aquarius conjunct Saturn in Aquarius 

This is a stress point. Easily, the worst days in April, life may seem to be clamping down like a vice. The tension might feel unbearable to some. It is important to relax into this the way you relax into any long uphill climb. 

The combination of Mars and Saturn often produces a feeling of total overwhelm, where there is just too much to accomplish (Mars) in too little time (Saturn). This sense of urgency and constriction can be channeled into immense discipline and focus. Those able to tap into this influence without burning out can move mountains during this time. But if you fail to be productive, it is still essential to remain cool, calm and collected. 

April 5th ~ Venus in Pisces

Venus has been through hell in 2022. The year began with her retrograde. Then an elongated planetary war with Mars that lasted through February and half of March. Then she remained stuck between Mars and Saturn until March 26th. Is it any wonder the world has become so cold and hard?

Finally, on April 5th, Venus escapes the harsh edges of Aquarius and returns to her birthplace, the vast oceans of Pisces. This is her exalted placement, meaning that the world will be graced by Venusian bliss once again.

The power of Venus in Pisces can be summarized as the desire to give birth to something transcendent.

Venus governs the experience of love and desire. When she is in Pisces, her place of exaltation, her power to attract and experience love becomes oceanic and all encompassing. It is in Pisces that all types of love can emerge! Divine love,  maternal love, romantic love, erotic love. 

April 11th ~ Mercury in Taurus 

Mercury in Taurus becomes synaesthetic, interpreting the sensual experience of life through words that evoke beauty and splendor. This transit will calm down any personal or collective mania, slowing down the tempo of thoughts and cooling down the heat of temper. A lot of important ruminating can be done during this transit. This is a great time to plan ahead and get serious about budgeting and allocating resources. 

April 12th ~ Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces

On April 12, 2022,  Jupiter, the planet of expansion in its sign of rulership merges with the mystical and transcendent Neptune. A wave of bliss arises. Both planets are in rulership bringing a soothing celestial harmony. This is extremely important alignment that will bring a powerful vibe shift and ushers in a new era of imagination and spirituality.

This conjunction hasn’t happened between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces since 1856, making this a rare moment for the evolution of humanity’s collective dream world. This influence will put everything into soft focus. Realism will be chased away by magic. Rough edges will be smoothed by the waves. 

This conjunction signals a moment that can awaken many from the darkness of fear. The light of the logos will break through the clouds. And the influence of Neptune will summon waves of transcendental ideas, marking the beginning of a worldwide renaissance. While the energy of this conjunction will be potent for the rest of April, this is a seed moment that will continue to flourish in the collective for more than a decade. All things imaginative, oceanic, and cinematic will be blessed.

Great insight, wisdom, and creative flourishing will uplift some of the suffering in the world. Many will discover a new light in their mind, guiding them to devote their life to something more mystical or philosophical. Suffering can become compassion. And a lot of spiritual idealism and philosophies of peace will gain tremendous influence.

As the light of imagination becomes more vivid, tremendous creativity is inspired. But this also makes one more susceptible to delusion. In this time of war with a mass media propaganda machine running 24/7,  you must be extremely careful not to believe everything you hear. Start by assuming that everything coming from global corporate-government media is duplicitous. Build up immunity to their deception. And while they spread the fog of war, look within and follow your own light.

You should be warned that the oceanic bliss of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is haunted by siren calls, seducing many to slip beneath the dark waters of addiction. The dangerous side to this influence will stir the desire for another world, for a better world. And it will be easier than ever to be seduced by the promise of an escape from reality, to float away on the clouds of a narcotic haze. Drugs, alcohol, and toxic romance only offer false tranquility and they’ll eventually take you down for good. 

April 14 ~ Mars Enters Pisces

The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars and throughout this season, Mars will be transiting Aquarius and Pisces. With Mars in Aquarius until April 15th, the spirit of war will try to win scientifically, with a cold heart and rational mind. 

But on April 14th, the spirit of war will be drowned in a sea of confusion and irrationality. War is not an exact science after all. With Mars in Pisces, war is waged beneath the surface through much subtler powers of sorcery and propaganda. The winner will be the one who can stir the most emotional reaction.

April 16 ~ Full Moon in Libra 

Near the end of the season, the Full Moon arrives in the cardinal air sign of Libra. The axis of Aries/Libra stirs up the tension between self and other, commands and compromise. The ultimate purpose of a Libra Full Moon is to bring dissonance into harmony. But like tuning a piano, many minute adjustments to the tensions of the strings will have to be made.

The harmony that Libra desires does not simply happen. True harmony requires recalibration, inviting the wild vacillation of polarities to be expressed before discovering the center of gravity that brings everything back into peace

This Full Moon is in a t-square with Pluto in Capricorn, darkening the atmosphere with manipulation and politics. It is a pressure cooker meant to test your willpower and integrity. Can you stand for what you believe? Or do you just follow orders?

April 19th ~ Sun Enters Taurus

The Sun leaves its exaltation in Aries for the the sign of Taurus. The volatility of fire is exchanged for the stability of earth and the wildfires begin to cool. The middle of spring is the glory of the earth’s beauty. Stirred by fertile flowers and lingering warmth, when the Sun is in Taurus the touch, taste and fragrance of everything becomes elated by a new richness and depth. Nobody is promised tomorrow. So the wisdom of Taurus asks you to stop clamoring for more time, instead appreciating the quality of the time that you have. Time is relative to how present you can be in each moment.