Episode 30 ~ Questions about Fate & Freewill w/ Lori Lothian of Lunatic Astrology

Lori Lothian of Lunatic Astrology is my favorite Youtube astrologer! Her voice is a flourishing expression of the natural syncretism of the Information Age.

Rising above the deluge of witless love horoscopes, prophecies of doom and tedious scene politics, Lori brings a refreshing style of densely researched but accessible forecasts. Her mind oscillates at a rapid frequency: intertwining the frayed edges of esoteric astrology, like the outer asteroids, with classical traditions. And she makes it all seem so easy breezy, fluttering from far out ideas into arcane techniques with effortless effort.

She works tirelessly creating videos. But she’s motivated to share her knowledge because she believes:

“Astrology can be very useful for preparing the way for difficult circumstances as well as anticipating and leaning into hope for positive circumstances.”

Lori’s a very predictive astrologer, finely tuned and confident in her ability to help clients prepare and anticipate. Over the years, she’s realized that fate does seem to play a significant factor in human life.

The age-old question of fate versus freewill brings up so many questions. And this is exactly what Lori and I decided to tackle in this interview. As our conversation unfolds, we discuss:

* Why the freewill taught in the Law of Attraction is solipsistic

* How pure fatalism erodes agency and choice

* Why so many astrologers wrongly predicted the 2016 election

* How the 24,000+ asteroids have become a part of Lori’s practice

* How personal will relates to Divine Will

* How awakened imagination is connected to Divine Will

* Lori’s fascinating history as a psychic

* And her training as a high level remote viewer in Project Stargate


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