About Aeolian Heart

…And what if all of animated nature

Be but organic Harps diversely framed,

That tremble into thought, as o’er them sweeps

Plastic and vast, one intellectual breeze,

At once the Soul of each, and God of all?…

-Aeolian Harp by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (lines 44–48)

My job as a reader is to help you to unite your love, will and desire…

The creative and spiritual path in life takes great courage and integrity, thus it is often plagued by fear, self-doubt and many questions…

I find that astrology and tarot are the perfect tools through which artists and healers can ask deep questions about themselves and become re-invigorated to continue to evolve their inspiration and their passions. When people book a reading with me, they will find that our conversation will prompt them to clarify their intentions and to realize their highest potentials for creative self-expression.

I first discovered the Tarot during my teens, when it was still a forbidden fruit for according to my cultural conditioning.  The taboo did not fully break until the onset of my Saturn Return, when I had a semi-mystical experience during a bout with a high fever.  Up until that point, my academic background in cultural anthropology had long acquainted me with many categories of mystical experiences, but my education did nothing to help gain any insight into what they meant.

When I revisited Tarot and astrology during this time, I discovered a rich symbolic language that offered profound insight into the unknown.  My years of immersion in mythology, literature and art laid the foundation upon which I could build an inner temple to the intuitive arts.

Astrology and tarot are profoundly useful symbolic and metaphoric frameworks through which I have developed rich therapeutic conversations with healers and artists from all walks of life. In my mind, forecasting is a form of envisioning (just as reminiscing is) and so I use astrology and Tarot to have insightful and healing discussions about the past, present and future.

However, I will never tell you what is for certain, but only what can be if your love, will and desire merge into manifestation.


Learn more about how I use astrology and tarot to unite your love, will, and desire below.


Interview with Jocelyn Mercado for The Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science Online Summit on July 21st, 2016.