About Me

Why are you here?

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You’ve probably asked yourself this before, and aren’t satisfied with the answers.

That’s because you want more than the answers can provide.

You want poetry. You want inspiration. You want enchantment.

That’s why our paths have crossed.

My name is Rachel. I’m an astrologer, teacher and dream weaver.

I live by the principle of correspondence, which states, “As above/so below.”

Because when the heavens move, the earth does too. That’s why your life can seem crazy sometimes and calm at others… or like it’s a great adventure one moment and a meaningless task the next.

If the planets were an orchestra, then your life is the symphony.

My job is to help you stay in rhythm with the cosmos and in tune with the universe.

I know what it’s like being out of tune, out of step and out of sorts. That’s why I started practicing astrology—and why I offer it to you.

I want to help you find your rhythm, to find your magic and to make meaning of your life.

Whether you’re dropping by for an astrology forecast, taking a class, checking out a book or scheduling a reading, I can help you find your way through this chaos.

Let’s work together.