What is astrological magic?


Knowing the right time to set an intention, cast a spell or perform a ritual is crucial to get your desired result.

Astrology teaches you how to know just the right time for magic. As the planets move through the heavens, they create patterns of energy that can either help or harm magical intention.

The purpose of astrological magic is to work get in sync with the planets to aid with love, prosperity, healing, wisdom or protection.

How can astrological magic help you?

Whether you’re an experienced magic practitioner or just starting out on the path, astrological magic can help you.

Whether you’ve been studying astrology for years or you discovered what your Rising Sign is, astrological magic can help you.

That’s because astrological magic teaches you how to:

– Time your intention setting, spell casting and ritual to coincide with favorable planetary transits

– Create astrological talismans to aid in love, prosperity, and healing

– Design your own rituals to honor dignified planets for wisdom, protection, and guidance

– Prepare for difficult planetary transits like Mercury and Venus retrogrades

– Know when it’s time to take action or just go with the flow

Astrological magic works because astrology is magic. You’re not just meant to sit by and be a passive observer/victim of the planetary energies–you’re intended to co-create your experience with the universe!

That’s why I’m offering a bundle of my most popular astrological magic classes.

The planets are always moving. Some move fast while others take their time.

The Astrological Magic Bundle will teach you how to get into rhythm and flow some of the most important planetary energies through ritual, meditation and magic.

The Astrological Magic Bundle will teach you everything you need to know to work with some of the most powerful planetary energies in the skies right now.

You’ll learn how to:

– Follow the cycles of the moon for manifestation, intuition and healing

– Use the energies of Jupiter in Scorpio for transformation, inner alchemy and shadow work

– Work with Saturn in Capricorn for discipline, mastery and breaking self-limiting beliefs.

The Astrological Magic Bundle uses an amalgam of ancient and modern perspectives on astrology and magic so that these lessons remain relevant and applicable to your life.

I’ve included some powerful exercises that I personally use to increase my effectiveness in anything I need to succeed in.

BEST of all, each module in the Astrological Magic Bundle includes detailed instructions on how to perform effective astrological MAGIC with planets! 

Here’s what you get.

The Astrological Magic Bundle includes three amazing classes that will help you work deeply with current planetary energies.

HARVEST: The Magic of the Moon will help you harness the energies of the Moon to rule your world. You’ll learn how to:

– Use the cycles of the Moon to remove subconscious obstacles

– Know the best time for planting seeds of intention

– Follow the phases of the Moon through the 12 signs of the zodiac so that you get better flow with the cycles of nature

– Follow the Moon as it transits through your natal chart to prepare for the areas of life that will be affected

REVEL: The Alchemy & Magic of Jupiter in Scorpio teaches you how to work with Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter, the planet of fortune, faith and expansion will be transiting the sign of Scorpio until November 2018. It’s going to be an interesting year, filled with potential for growth, healing and magic! In this class, you’ll learn:

– What Jupiter in Scorpio means for your sign.

– How this transit will affect you personally based on house placements

– Magical methods to promote healing, transformation and prosperity.

– A ritual for Jupiter in Scorpio to guide you through the coming year.

REALITY CHECK: The Evolutionary Power of Saturn in Capricorn teaches how to work with Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn tests your strength. Everyone’s afraid of Saturn because no one ever feels ready for Saturn… be ready for Saturn with this class! You’ll learn:

– Why Capricorn is so significant in esoteric doctrine and how it relates to the evolution of your soul

– The Alchemical and ecological function and purpose of Saturn

– Philosophical perspectives from the Renaissance and the Modern world

– Meditations, exercises and rituals to push yourself beyond your limits, attuning to the full potential Saturn in Capricorn

– Instructions to create a planetary talisman to improve discipline and inspire new dedication to a path of mastery

And as a bonus, you’ll get my workshop Astrological Magic 101 and ebook HEARTBEAT: Unlocking the Mysteries of Your Natal Chart for FREE!!

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