What is astrological magic?

Knowing the right time to set an intention is crucial to get your desired result.

Astrology teaches you how to know just the right time for magic. As the planets move through the heavens, they create patterns of energy that can either help or harm magical intention.

The purpose of astrological magic is to get in synch with the planets to aid with love, prosperity, healing, wisdom or protection.

I offer a FREE class called Astrological Magic 101. You'll learn how to:

  • Time your intention setting, spell casting and ritual to coincide with favorable planetary transits
  • Create astrological talismans to aid in love, prosperity, and healing
  • Design your own rituals to honor dignified planets for wisdom, protection, and guidance
  • Prepare for difficult planetary transits like Mercury and Venus retrogrades
  • Know when it's time to take action or just go with the flow
  • Meditations and exercises to help you ride the wave or weather the storm of planetary energies.
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