Do you want to see more BEAUTY in the world?


It’s hard to find BEAUTY in the world today.

And the world needs more BEAUTY.

Not another beauty standard to make you feel bad about yourself. That’s not true BEAUTY.

True BEAUTY comes from the light in your heart and feeds your soul.

Love is the desire for BEAUTY.

When your life is filled with BEAUTY, you can:

– Cultivate self-love through the removal of self-doubt

– Become a better friend and lover by sharing your BEAUTY with the world

– Attract true and lasting wealth by living in devotion to BEAUTY

– Create a life of luxury and pleasure in appreciation of BEAUTY

– Discover new levels of artistic and magical consciousness

That’s why I created a class called BEAUTY: The Soulful Love of Venus in Taurus.

On March 31st, Venus will enter Taurus (one of her places of rulership), where she will remain for three weeks.

This class is a celebration of this Venus transit that will teach you how to increase your perception and appreciation of BEAUTY through the magic of astrology!

In this class, you’ll learn all about Venus in Taurus and how this transit can help you to rediscover your divine BEAUTY.

The poet Kahlil Gibran wrote, “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”

I created this class to inspire everyone to look beyond appearances and find inner radiance–that linght in the heart–the essence of true BEAUTY.

BEAUTY is an amalgam of ancient and modern perspectives on Venus so that these lessons remain relevant and applicable to your life.

I’ve included some powerful exercises that I personally use to increase my effectiveness in anything I need to succeed in.

BEST of all, BEAUTY includes detailed instructions on how to perform effective astrological MAGIC with Venus in Taurus! 

You’ll receive:

1. A recorded slide-show lecture with questions and answers at the end.

2. A 27-page lesson on the magical meaning and purpose of Venus.

3. A detailed description of how to create your own BEAUTY ritual to Venus, including instructions on how to create an altar, perform natural magic, and a powerful daily exercise to improve your appreciation of beauty in the world.

4. Detailed instructions on how to make a Venus in Taurus talisman, including the Hermetic theory behind astrological magic, the correct material correspondences, and suggestions for good timing.

BEAUTY: The Soulful Love of Venus in Taurus will be held on Friday, March 30 at 2pm PST.

We’ll meet for a live class via Zoom, which will be followed by a Q&A session. The entire event will be approximately 90-minutes.

A recording of the class will be available for anyone who cannot make it to the live event.

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