Aeolian Heart Astrology

DISCOVERY: The Art and Soul of Astrology

The key to unlocking your full potential.

A 12-week course that will teach you the magic of astrology.

This course goes far beyond reading your own natal chart to teach you how to use astrological magic to unlock your full potential.

You will learn:

  • Astrological philosophy that cultivates symbolic understanding, mythic intelligence, and magical skill.
  • How to read your natal chart to discover the unique talents and gifts that you were born with.
  • Exercises to open your intuitive and imaginative abilities.
  • Meditation practices to deepen your self-inquiry and comprehension of astrological symbols.
  • How to follow upcoming planetary transits to prepare for good and bad astrological weather.
  • Methods to time your magic rituals and intentions to make the most out of opportune moments to transform your destiny.
  • Methods to develop a soulful magical practice inspired by your innate gifts.

Unlock your full potential.


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