HEARTBEAT: A FREE 7-Day Course on Navigating Your Natal Chart


Are you a stargazer—someone who looks up at the stars and feels them looking back at you?

Are you ever deep in meditation or lost in a daydream when you are suddenly caught in a wave of cosmic deja-vu and for one phenomenal boundless nanosecond you can remember who you really are?


If you just said “YES!” to any of the above then I have something to tell you: me too.

I know what it’s like to feel penetrated by the infinite celestial gaze.

I began studying astrology in the first place because I needed something like a road map so I could better navigate this dizzying exploration of consciousness that we call life.  Astrology turned out to be something I remember more than learned, and its many layers and impressions of time were as familiar as my own heartbeat.

I want to share that feeling of remembering something intrinsic with you, which is why I started giving readings in the first place.  But I will not always be there to guide you as you take your first steps back to remembering who you are.

That’s why I created HEARTBEAT, a FREE 7-day email course for helping you to navigate the mysteries of your natal chart.


Over the course of seven days, HEARTBEAT will teach you:

How to use the four classical elements for grounding, intuition, cognition and vitality

How the 12 Signs and 12 Houses of the Tropical Zodiac determine your personal identity and life direction—and how to work with them to direct yourself to your fullest potential

How to identify the 7 Classical Planets as the forces that propel you to take action or stay idle—and how to use them to safely navigate your way through life

Creative methods of using your natal chart to find renewed purpose in your work



This course is FREE— my gift to you!

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