Are you are a part of the Pluto in Scorpio Generation?


Born between 1983 – 1995, this generation represents the first wave of the Millennials!

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 “Being born with Pluto reigning in the sign of its rulership indicates a throbbing emotional intensity and the voracious appetite for both pleasure and pain, shared by a whole generation. 

Pluto in Scorpio thunders somewhere inside each member of our generation with enough trembling power to tear through the barriers between the conscious and unconscious.

Hence, the Millennial generation is one bound together by a deep collective desire to discover secret hollows where the echoes of primordial wisdom can still be heard.”





I find that astrology and tarot are the perfect tools through which artists and healers can ask deep questions about themselves and become re-invigorated to continue to evolve their inspiration and their passions. When people book a reading with me, they will find that our conversation will prompt them to clarify their intentions and to realize their highest potentials for creative self-expression.

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