It’s time to get SPIRITUALIZED.

You’re trapped in a loop.

You wonder why you always seem to repeat the same mistakes.

You’ve lost your way. It’s like someone else is always calling the shots–like you’re always following someone else’s plan.

You’re disempowered and out of sync–like you’re out of step with the universe.

It’s time to break the loop.

It’s time to reclaim your power.

It’s time to get in sync with the universe.

It’s time to get SPIRITUALIZED.

I’m offering a new 8-week course called SPIRITUALIZED: a journey into magical consciousness.

It’s designed to help get you back in sync with the universe, to unlock your magical gifts and let you achieve your highest spiritual potential.

Following the Hermetic principle of “as above/so below,” SPIRITUALIZED will take you through inner and outer space to balance your relationship to the planets so that you can improve your life to flow with health and abundance.

After you take SPIRITUALIZED, you’ll know how to find and follow your own path to freedom!

SPIRITUALIZED starts on October 12, 2018.

But registration is open now!


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Here’s what to expect.

SPIRITUALIZED is an 8-week course designed to teach you how to hack your consciousness so that you can program it at will.

It’s more than an astrology class.

You’ll learn how to overcome planetary forces, unlock your magical gifts and achieve your true spiritual potential.

After you take this course, you’ll be initiated into a reality of your own enchantment. You’ll have the power to overcome the greatest obstacles you face that prevent you from health, happiness, and success.

For eight weeks, you’ll receive a learning module once a week to guide you through this process.

Each week you’ll work with a different planet on mastering various states of consciousness. The modules will include writing assignments, journal prompts, meditations and rituals.

You’ll also be invited to regular live video meetings with me for lectures, Q&A and support in the work. And, you’ll also gain access to an exclusive Facebook where you can join the conversation, share your work and find support.

But most importantly, you’ll be part of a growing global community of artists, healers and beautiful souls who want to support each other in their personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Each learning module will take you through a different level of consciousness to help align you to your highest good.

Through magic ritual, meditation, and writing exercises, we’ll spend our 8 weeks together working our way through the seven levels of consciousness represented by seven planets/seven chakras.

By applying the principles of correspondence (as above/so below), there is a clear sympathy between the planets and the chakras. The chakras are energy centers in the body, and they correspond to the seven traditional planets: Saturn/Root, Jupiter/Sacral, Mars/Solar Plexus, Venus/Heart, Mercury/Throat, Moon/Third Eye, Sun/Crown.

Working through the first three chakras, we’ll address issues related to safety/security (Root), growth/expansion (Sacral) and confidence/power (Solar Plexus). These are some of the most difficult issues to work through that prevent you from achieving your highest good.

Once you break through to the higher, transcendent states of consciousness represented by the higher four chakras, you can begin to heal from the cycle of the lower three. You find yourself in the heart, able to speak your truth, trusting your intuition and in direct contact with Source.

The work that I want to do with SPIRITUALIZED is to help initiate your healing process so that you can begin to help heal the world.

So it’s not just about getting magic powers–it’s about raising planetary consciousness.

Registration is open now.

It’s time to get in sync with the universe.

It’s time to get SPIRITUALIZED!

Registration is open.


All sales are final.