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“I wholeheartedly recommend a reading with Rachel, even if there are no pressing issues that you feel the need to address. (In fact, better to have an awareness of your planetary influences in advance so you’ll have the tools and knowledge to deal with issues as they arise!) I came into this reading knowing almost nothing about astrology, and Rachel is an excellent guide. I also carried bit of skepticism, which is now 100% gone– her ability to interpret my natal chart left me with a feeling of electrifying energy, and her insights were spot on regarding patterns in my life. I left the reading with a feeling of being a bit more comfortable in my own skin. I definitely wasn’t uncomfortable before, but it felt great to be able to pair some of my quirks with the maneuverings of the cosmos and learn how to work with the energy of the planets. I’m still buzzing, and looking forward to my next session with Rachel!”


Laurel Hill is an independent artist/designer/ jeweler. Laurel Hill Jewelry is inspired by the form and function of historical cultural adornment, the universal shapes and symbols that we recognize as significant. Pieces are forged in the mountains of western Montana using traditional metalworking techniques with a focus on sustainability. Laurel believes in the transformative quality of jewelry as a talisman. Her unique interpretations of archetypal iconography seek to create a meaningful bond with you, the wearer.
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