My name is Rachel but my nom de plume is Aeolian Heart because as a writer, I love to evoke the Romantic image of the Aeolian Harp: an instrument played by the spirit of the wind.

After many years of immersion in mythology, literature and art, I discovered that astrology and tarot were profoundly useful symbolic and metaphoric frameworks through which I could develop rich therapeutic conversations with healers and artists from all walks of life.

In my mind, forecasting is a form of envisioning (just as reminiscing is) and so I use astrology and tarot to have insightful and healing discussions about the past, present and future. It is not my job to tell you what is for certain, but only what can be if your love, will and desire merge into manifestation.

My job as an astrologer is offer you a deep understanding of your natal chart that will help you to unite your love, will and desire…

The creative and spiritual path in life takes great courage and integrity, thus it is often plagued by fear, self-doubt and many questions. I find that astrology is the perfect language through which artists and healers can ask deep questions about themselves and become re-invigorated to continue to evolve their inspiration and their passions.

When people book a reading with me, they will find that our conversation will prompt them to clarify their intentions and to realize their highest potentials for creative self-expression.


Much Love,


Aeolian Heart Readings