unknown-8If you read my last article about how I quit my dead-end job and started a successful business as an astrologer, then you know that I am living proof that astrology adds deep insight and good timing to our lives. These are both major keys to success!

But even though I have long been a student of astrology, I resisted learning how to apply astrology to my life for many years. 


Because to learn to integrate and apply astrology to your life leads to rebellion! unknown-18

Before I took astrology seriously, I thought rebellion was acting out of self-loathing, nihilism and pious social criticism. It was not until much later that I found out just how predictable and asinine it is to play the part of the defeatist with a bad attitude.  

The real rebellion is in prioritizing self-love and the pursuit of your passions!


If you are ready to stop allowing your report cardpsych evaluation, intelligence quotient, resume history, criminal record, and credit report to totally define you, then astrology can help you to embrace a much deeper and more passionate vision of who you are.

If you are not ready to liberate yourself from these limiting notions yet, then don’t worry. I did not used to be either. It takes a lot of courage to champion for yourself and defy socially constructed beliefs.

It takes a lot of courage to take responsibility for your own sense of joy and purpose. But, when you are ready to explore that, astrology has a lot to offer!

One of the main reasons why I had a hard time learning to apply astrological knowledge to my life was because I never sought out any professional readings. I only read for myself (big mistake!) and thus, let all my shyness and self-doubt ruin my perspective.

unknown-2I wanted to get a reading with an astrologer, but I was afraid!

I was afraid to find out something bad about myself!

Now that I’ve been practicing as a professional reader for over a year, I have come to learn that this fear is VERY common!

Let me quiet your fears!

If you are afraid to get an astrological consultation because you think there is something flawed about you, then you really need a reading!

First of all, there is no such thing as a bad natal chart! To judge a natal chart as being bad would be as absurd as finding fault with tree branches or flower petals.


I know that in the world of intelligence quotients, BMI’s and performance reviews, you may feel that there is something inherently flawed about you.

BUT the real reason why I love astrology is because it defies all of these ratings and measures of adequacy that plague us with shame!

An astrological reading is a rebellion against every standard that ever underestimated your worth and potential!6802d570-e163-403a-98b2-e918fc5ef452

Your natal chart is a celestial vision of your humanity, your divine spark, and your life’s potential!

There is NEVER anything to be ashamed of about your natal chart and there is always great beauty to be found!

When I first had a professional astrologer read my chart, I had interpreted many of my placements as being “bad” and not “measuring up.”

I felt ashamed and worried that I would discover that I was never going to find happiness in life. After all, I have Jupiter (planet of good luck and wealth) in its place of fall in Capricorn.

My own self-flagellating interpretation could only conceive of this as meaning lifelong struggle and poverty.

But I quickly learned that an astrology reading is nothing like a performance test at school.And it’s nothing like getting weighed and measured at the doctor.

An astrologer is not comparing you to any imagined ideals.

unknown-1A reading is about being seen and heard, just as you are and with great respect.

So, rather than making me feel fated to lifelong poverty, my first professional astrological reading made me feel like a million bucks!

I was given a fresh perspective on my Jupiter’s potential! I was shown how I actually have great gifts with using the infrastructure and hierarchies of any given organization to gain positions of influence.

unknownThis is how I fell in love with my chart and went head over heels for astrology!

My first professional natal chart reading had offered me a connection to genuine self-love, something that I had not experienced since my early childhood.

Yes, my Jupiter is a little tricky, but deeper understanding makes it a LOT easier to work with!

Now that I am a professional astrologer, my job is to help YOU to realize your potential!

An astrological reading will re-invigorate your current pursuits and offer you a map to uncover a surplus of buried treasure that you may be totally unaware of!

Please don’t be afraid to find out how much you have to offer the world!

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