The Shadow of Pleasure…

“Mark how beautiful an order has sprung from the dust and blood of this fierce chaos! how the world, as from a resurrection, balancing itself on the golden wings of Knowledge and of Hope, has reassumed its yet unwearied flight into the heaven of time…”- Percy Shelley, “A Defence of Poetry”

The Devil Himself...Recently, you have been courting the Devil himself. There are no excuses to be made. You have summoned the darkness for an express purpose. You know that to be in the world and of the world is to suffer. Nevertheless, the full immersion into “worldliness” is the path to receiving whatever teachings that are meant for you. It is desire that keeps you alive and desire can only grow from your unquiet mind and your aching heart, which yearns for “more and more and more!” The devil is your only companion when every sip of water increases your thirst, every step forward falters, and every kiss only intensifies your loneliness. You have been drunk, lustful, and greedy. Never condemn yourself, for this too has been a part of your great work.

Your sorrows have afforded you knowledge of the ‘shadow of pleasure which exists in pain.’ You have been wise to play with the devil, for you know that the refreshment you feel when thirst is finally quenched is incomparable to any mundane satiety. You know that the joy you feel in a loving embrace after total isolation is incomprehensible. You know the irrepressible ecstasy of finding an oasis in the desert after 40 days and nights. This is how you are discovering the truth of who you are. This is how you have developed your ability to distinguish a mirage from an earthly garden of paradise. This is why you have many interesting stories to tell!

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