Now What!?

11032076_1635678789978527_1502207642729741235_nNow What?
This is the question that emerges after a great project has reached its completion. In this case, it is not with dissatisfaction or indolence that you ask, but with fervor and inspiration. Now what!? It thrashes inside you, an unformed desire to keep moving! There is so much more that you have to give, for you have found the work that nourishes with renewed energy. You are totally in love with what you have recently accomplished. But no matter how precious this work was to you, something essential about it is now behind.

The way you speak of it has changed to past-tense, and this is the way in which its meaning will begin to shape-shift in the ocean of memory. Do not harden these memories into a monument of stone which you will revere with dogmatic sentimentality. You need not rest on your laurels with a wistful sigh. Know instead that the resounding power of your recent work lies in its mutability; its dynamic flow. Let the waves of transformation wash everything away, with full faith that whatever you are meant to keep will wash back up on the shore, softened and reshaped. If you can relax in this transitory time, and allow chaos to be chaos, a north star will appear that you may follow to your next destination. Even if you have no idea where you might be headed, you are certainly following a path towards finer wisdom and more abundant love. Inner peace and illumination are the just rewards for accepting and adapting to change.
Remember, “you are only as young as the last time you changed your mind” – Tim Leary

<3 Aeolian Heart <3