Think for Yourself. Question Authority. ~ Saturn in Sagittarius

September 18th, 2015. Saturn has finally made the long-anticipated shift from Scorpio (dark waters of transformation) into Sagittarius (fire of evolution).

Since October 2012, the emotional turbulence of Saturn in Scorpio has left a mark upon you, as you were drowned many times over in a maelstrom of agony and ecstasy.Miranda by J.W. WaterhouseYou were uplifted only to be brought down, glorified only to be mocked.  (Shame, fear, addiction, and betrayal all got lots of callbacks for this performance) In the grand finale, you were left with the taunting phrase, “you were born to die” ringing in your ears.

“Birth is but the beginning of a trajectory to death; for all their love, parents cannot halt it and in a sense have “given us to death” merely by giving us birth.

The Upanishads

The truth is that the Saturn in Scorpio transit was meant to distress and disorient you so that you would become wiser. These conditions finally forced you to transmute your repression and pain into some inspired action and self-confidence. Think about what has transpired between the end of 2012 and the present. Now acknowledge how much fear has been transmuted into courage and how much pain into motivation since then! 


Albion Rose by William Blake

Albion Rose by William Blake

Now that Saturn has shifted into Sagittarius, many aspects of life should feel brighter and fresher, like a beautiful morning after the rain! As the sun rises, there will be a mass evocation of Sagittarian spirit, including newly inspired explorations of inner and outer space. Expect the unexpected. Ingenious creative works will influence you to embrace the fluidity of belief and allow you to remain receptive. Philosophical, theological, and mystical perspectives that effectively syncretize the vast array of human spiritual knowledge will afford you much growth.

The key word here is effectively. Though the ceaseless aggregation of information may create infinite possibilities for stimulating the evolution of minds, the results do not necessarily include the essential characteristics of flexibility, strength, and symmetry. Poor nutrition is bad for development, even when it is just food for thought. For instance, just where are the thousands of Sirian/Arcturian/Pleiadian channelings on Youtube supposed to be leading in terms of cosmological advancement? And what about all the endless disputes on message boards over comic book character costumes? 

Though these sources of information are voluminous, without flexibility, strength, and symmetry, the superfluous amount of “genetic drift” in this information has very little chance of making a significant evolutionary impact. Therefore, to take an ecological perspective, Saturn in Sagittarius will bring intelligent mutation to the wildly amplified expansion of the Information Age. This will be a powerful dynamic, for as Sagittarius excitedly explores the world seeking holy grails and panaceas, Saturn will mercilessly cut down fruitless babbling and pointless lies. AN00176530_001_l

Like outer space, information itself is exponentially expanding, billowing out into the abyss at an ever increasing rate of speed. Over the next two years, the gravity of Saturn will begin to pull some of this matter back into solid form, giving humanity the gift of some new philosophical ground on which to stand. (hopefully full of remarkable wit and humor)

There will be tension between the energy of Saturn and Sagittarius, but this will create a flux of power that will enable you to make lasting and desirable changes in your life. Time is Saturn’s essence and it is only within the medium of time that development and expansion have any significance. It is the force of opposition, between the beginning and the end, that Saturn uses to crystallize everything into form. 


“The little space within the heart is as great as the vast universe.
The heavens and the earth are there, and the sun and the moon and the stars. Fire and lightening and winds are there, and all that now is and all that is not.”
―  The Upanishads: Breath from the Eternal

How will this transit affect you?

You will be driven to dive deeply into subjects that stir you, for you will naturally find more momentum behind your desire to learn. Any disciplined study will be beautifully supported. During Saturn in Sagittarius, you will be stirred by questions of consciousness, as you are confronted by your desire for new regimens of self-improvement. (Make it easier on yourself by starting healthier routines )

john-william-waterhouse-the-sorceress-1401210965_orgYou will likely become more interested in spiritual quests that imply ascension or salvation or transcendence. While this is not inherently dangerous, the dark side of this mentality could include things like law of attraction cults, apocalypse cults, or pyramid schemes. These are all expressions of Sagittarius’ overwrought theological side reacting to some of the unnerving pressure from Saturn, which results in a craving for escapism and dogma.

Saturn’s purpose in Sagittarius is to help you to learn to follow your own heart, will and desire rather than getting sucked into cults. This transit, therefore, is 
a perfect time to establish your own sense of authority and to insist upon asking questions and seeking answers. You probably did not actually learn this technique in school, but you will master it quickly once you’ve begun asking How? and  Why? all the time. No matter what answers you receive, your simple resolve should be to: “Think for yourself. Question Authority.”

“Think for yourself. Question Authority.”

– Tim Leary

In conclusion, in 2015, no religious myth or scientific model from the past is immense enough to encompass what humans have learned about reality. During Saturn in Sagittarius, new syncretic systems of thought, such as ecological philosophy, can spur the evolution of consciousness rather than impeding it. Many ontological limitations of the past will dissolve during this transit, making way for a grander vision of the expanding multiverse with vast stretches of stars and galaxies multiplied ad infinitum. ~As above, So Below~


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