Spirit into Matter ~ Full Moon in Taurus ~ October 27th, 2015

Full Moon in Taurus

The moon will be full in Taurus starting at midnight PST Tuesday, October 27th. This night will bring a welcome settling of the energy that got stirred up by the wild and frenetic eclipse season. All moon cycles symbolize growth and change, but this particular full moon concerns the need to devote yourself to the life-giving Earth and to renew the heart’s wellspring of genuine gratitude. Taurus is ruled by sensual Venus, but is more astutely associated with the ancient Egyptian goddess, Hathor, the primordial sacred cow.

1934: Claudette Colbert (Lily Chauchoin, 1903 - 1996), as she appears in the title role of Cecil B DeMille's 'Cleopatra'. Costume designed by Travis Banton.

Cow Goddess~Claudette Colbert 1934

According to the wisdom of astrology, the Moon is exalted in the earth sign of Taurus. This means that Taurus is the Moon’s favorite place to be. For as much as we know about the Moon’s affinity with shape-shifting water, (its natural element) it is within solid earth and definite form that the Moon takes her most ecstatic pleasures. In Taurus, the wavering light calms, the shifting sand solidifies, and the Moon receives the vision of form within dimension, eternally flooded by sensate intelligence.

In other words, the Moon in Taurus breathes into the Earth, touching, tasting and feeling everything. Suffice it to say that this Full Moon will illuminate your senses, grounding your consciousness into your body. So rather than tripping out into galaxies far, far away, you may be more inclined to have the wonder of infinity revealed through the experience of your own form. Contemplate the neural network of the human brain, quantum entanglements, or the phenomenon of corporeal memory.

What is truly magnificent about the body is that you don’t have to think to be rapt with pleasure. Forget the images of infinite neurons, and take extra time to enjoy massages, soft fabrics, and magical scents: all things delicious! As if it were your first and last day on Earth, this full moon wants you to relish the sexual, drown in the sensual, and seek only what makes your body sing! You are electrically conductive! Dance, kiss, and taste the salt in your sweat. These are your alchemical tools. With renewed life in every cell, offer unwanted emotional burdens as your holy sacrifice. With all this pleasure to be had, this should be a great night for a party!!

Octavia St. Laurent from Paris is Burning

Octavia St. Laurent from the film, “Paris is Burning”

Major Aspects

Pepper LaBeija from Paris is Burning

Pepper LaBeija from the film, “Paris is Burning”

For those who expect a full moon to bring a fair share of mysticism, you are in luck! There are three aspects to Neptune on this night, which will summon the highest powers of planetary alchemy! Neptune is a transpersonal planet, associated with the transmutation of one energy into another. (lead into gold) Neptune’s power is revealed in all experiences with drugs which, through a small shift in chemistry, catalyze transformations of perception. Likewise, Neptune rules the sparkling essence of glamour, a magic so powerful it can transform a man into a beautiful woman with lighting and make-up! ~Shapeshifting!

The immersive quality of music, poetry and film are also Neptunian experiences, which carry your senses out to sea to mingle your visions with the cosmos, far outside of time and mind.


still from Jean Cocteau’s “The Blood of a Poet”

During the night, the full Moon in Taurus will be moving into a supportive sextile with Neptune in Pisces, evoking the feeling of a surrealist film: all visual metaphors and non-sequiturs! The approaching trine between the Sun in Scorpio and Neptune will be exact on Halloween. But on this full Moon night, Scorpio’s dark realm of subconscious desire will be influenced by the sensitivity of mystical Pisces. Expect an interesting tone to feelings that emerge. Like chemical compounds, your emotions may be mixtures of disparate elements. Think of feeling the heat of scorching jealousy bonded to light of profound admiration. 

Finally, to complete the study of Neptune for the evening, this strange planet of alien dream-time is approaching an exact square with Saturn in Sagittarius next month. As this influence is growing steadily, it will amplify some tension and frustration on this night, effectually generating some drama! (Maybe it’s much needed to shake a stagnant social order up)

Based on the knowledge of Saturn and Neptune’s approaching square, over the next couple of months prepare to have an illusion stripped away, to have a belief or an ideology that you thought was sacred snatched from your arms and thrown into oblivion. What can this be? You will not know until it happens, but glimpses of it are likely to show themselves on this full moon night through these aspects to Neptune. Start preparing yourself now, for Saturn in Sagittarius loves giving major reality checks, giving no preferential treatment to anyone, least of all surrealist poets, free-spirits, and intellectual idealists.

Full Moon Gathering Tarot Reading ~ October 2015

FMG October 2015 reading

I.The Moon II. 9 of Wands III. 5 of Pentacles

Beneath the full moon’s gleaming light, you slip into a dimension of surreality, where music is the medium of consciousness. The vibration becomes a morphic field, and you a buzzing atom in its organizing grasp, clustering along mandala vertices in the initiation of the spirit into matter: a universe of sound, born again and again… ad infinitum! 

Gold by Mark Golding

“Gold” ~ original mandala art by Mark Golding

Mirrors become like water; stars are born between lips; the blood of a poet seeps through veils. Time passes fragrantly, a blossoming array of past, present and future, where memories, images, and senses arrange themselves as one bouquet. This night is a grand performance of the primal myth, a lifeform’s spiraling emergence from the protogenoi into eternity. This realm of myth is womb-like, regenerating the consciousness it communes with. In the slipstream of thoughtless thoughts, that story comes alive beneath the Moon. All ends with beginnings.

On this night, dancing will be the devotional act that merges your dreams with divine will. What does that mean for your life? Qui vivra verra!

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