Between Love and Hate ~ November 3o – December 6

The moon is waning and in the wake of the Saturn/Neptune square, the darkening of the moon will enable the purgation of reactionary emotions and unwanted habits. Whether you have been eating too much, smoking too much, or spending too much, the waning moon will offer you a time to gain control of yourself again, especially when it begins to transit through the signs of Virgo (exalting health) and Libra (exalting balance).


Venus will enter Scorpio on Friday, where she will remain throughout December. Venus in Scorpio is described on most astrology sites as a transit that will feel like a singles party where everyone finds an attractive lover by the end of the night! However, it is important to note that Venus is actually in her detriment in this sign.

In astrology, it is not as simple as: “Sexy Scorpio meets Goddess of Love and it is Outta Sight!”

Why is the goddess of beauty and love in her detriment in the sign of sex, death, and transformation? Succinctly put, Venus is in her detriment in Scorpio because of how much she will  encounter the underworld themes of aggression and obsession. Venusian brilliance can be somewhat obscured these aspects of the psyche.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars, an energy of enflamed desire and conquest. In terms of wartime, Venus is almost totally lost. (read up on Aphrodite’s moment on the battlefield in Homer’s Iliad…she can start a fight but she can’t follow through on the brutal clash of bodies and swords) Neither are psychoanalysis and obsession her most natural elements of expression, for it is a more palatial sea-foam worshipping kind of love that Venus usually delights in. swanlakeblack (1)

Venus in Scorpio is much more akin to a stilettoed street walk through a red light district, everything all stark ruby and black. So much ugliness is veiled in that hypnotic dimness: all the scars, bruises and mercenary pimps hiding well beneath the shadows.

Venus in the underworld becomes a dark goddess, naturally imbued with occult powers of magnetism, hypnotism and luck. With all this intoxicating power, the Venusian spirit often finds herself acting as a home-wrecker, a dominatrix or a sorceress! (Remember Circe from Homer’s Odyssey?)

Therefore, this may be a time when relationships do increase in their intensity, manifesting in more heated passion as well as more encounters with manipulation and cruelty. With Venus in Scorpio, many relationships will dance upon that razor thin line between love and hate. swanLAKE (1)

“…Live to love you
And I love to love you
And I live to love you, boy
Live to love you
And I love to love you
And I live to love you, boy
Nothing gold can stay
Like love or lemonade
Or sun or summer days
It’s all a game to me anyway.

Music to Watch Boys To by Lana Del Rey

For those who enjoy playing with other people’s minds and hearts, this will be a time when it will be particularly easy to overpower and exploit others.

For those who live to love sincerely, the ultimate purpose of this dance is to realize the full potential of your power and to strengthen the muscle fibers of your integrity. Resisting the temptation to ensnare people in a power game is an exercise in true compassion and love. Therefore, Venus in Scorpio does give you the power to love people with an intensity that can not be wrought from the lighter sides of life. Considering that the Saturn/Neptune square is in full effect, Venus’ descent into Scorpio this December will be a greater lesson in love than you have experienced in many years.

November 30th-December 6th

I. 8 of Swords II. 2 of Pentacles III. The Fool


Monday/Tuesday: The Eight of Swords

2_-_labyrinth_-_st-_bertinThe beginning of the week feels a bit like walking through a maze. In the middle of any maze, there is always a disorienting moment where your thoughts nag at you, asserting that you might never find the way out. This voice of fear lives behind every sure-footed step that you take.

The Eight of Swords is a card that depicts the moment when you feel bound to notions of limitation, loss, and enslavement. It is when the thoughts freeze into a rigid line of negation and distress. Think of an addict giving up on recovery, someone in debt declaring that they will never be able to pay it off, or a student slamming a book shut with utter certainty that they will never understand.

All this frustration will finally have a dramatic turning point on Tuesday, as Mercury and Uranus will make a perfect trine with one another, offering a torchlight of Promethean fire! In other words, an awakening in your life will guide you safely past one of your most haunting fears, showing you that your liberation was always a matter of choice. Feel the power of your own free will and exult in it.

Wednesday/Thursday – 2 of Pentacles

The middle of the week is a time to follow through on what you already have planned with the most adaptability that you can evoke. With flexibility and receptivity, your circumstances will begin to fluctuate much more in your favor. The Moon in Virgo will bring an influence of intelligent order to your actions, but hyper-criticism can impede your progress. Therefore, this is a time when your attitude really is everything. See yourself succeeding! Use your imagination to uplift yourself.

Friday/ Saturday/Sunday- The Fool

On Friday, Mercury squares off with Jupiter, cautioning us not to make promises we can’t keep. (that would be very foolish) This is also the day on which Venus enters Scorpio, where she will remain until December 30th. Emotions will felt deeper at the same time that your vulnerability to enchantment increases, so traverse your own psyche with caution, care, and practice. Imagine the whirling madness in your mind as a ballet rather than a mosh pit, and this weekend will bring you to new heights of pleasure in the realms of the mysterious and the mystical. If romantic love is one of those experiences, then it will be a time when you watch yourself transform through the eyes of another person.

martyrs If this weekend is thematically expressed through philosophy or religion, then it is likely that you will find an historical person with whom you feel intimately connected. If this person was martyred, use their story of suffering to deeply connect to your own and attempt to liberate yourself from its restraining influence in your life. Admire revolutionaries for their actions, not their deaths! Sunday has a lot of energy to change something in your life when the Sun in Sagittarius sextiles Mars in Libra. However, Mars will also be squaring Pluto in Capricorn this can put many people at risk for power struggles and flaring tempers.

The Fool Card says, “Abandon all despair, ye who enter here!” for life is but a dream! The Foolish Man follows his own will and that simple but difficult task is all you should ever expect of yourself. Let this weekend be then an exercise in discovering your own will, not your tastes in music, movies and clothes, but your will which glimmers within the sensibilities that exist beyond mass media, politics and religious doctrines.

<3 Aeolian Heart <3

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