Inner Sanctuary ~ December 7th – 13th, 2015

Christmas time is a season that has long been a double-edged sword, for it is a time of year characterized by a notable spirit of joy and a lurking depression. For every genuine gift, there is a thoughtless commercial and for every twinkling light there is flickering flame of tension building up to a crescendo.

Parking lots overflowing, credit limits maximized, family drama in high definition and if you have tuned into the news at all over the last year, there is a dark pall of paranoia and fear that hangs over every crowded place.

In the chorus of terror and trauma, all you hear are reiterations of:

“Let’s go to war!”

(on terror.. on drugs…on hatred…on Christmas…)

Or the more subtle

“We need to open up a dialogue!”

(on terror… on drugs…on hatred…on Christmas…)

Europe Trip, June 27-July 06, 2002.

This week will be a tense one, full of psychological challenges. Astrologically speaking, this week will be defined by a persistent T-square between Mars, Uranus, and Pluto. The square between Saturn and Neptune is also still present, and even the New Moon in Sagittarius on Friday will be squared to Jupiter in Virgo.

You are being whipped by the winds of change rather than caressed by them. Remaining poised and focused should be your main priority. Remember that everything that you perceive as external is reflected somewhere within you internally, including mayhem, violence, and hatred.

Therefore, the best course of action during a time of great stress is to find the quiet places inside yourself where you can tend to the growth of peace, patience and forgiveness. It is often easy to forget, but you may always find sanctuary within your own heart, even when you have to sing the blues.

Billie Holiday 0001 original.jpg

 “Why Was I Born?” by Billie Holiday

“Why was I born

Why am I livin’

What do I get

What am I givin’

Why do I want for things

I dare not hope for

What can I hope for

I wish I knew. . .”

This week, you may feel bad and have no answers to offer. It is best to patiently learn from your own feelings instead of bursting forth with reactionary solutions. When you are feeling truly overwhelmed, don’t listen to the myriad of people who are always trying to “open up a dialogue” about everything ad nauseum.

Without peace of mind and the clarity that follows, opening up a dialogue is tantamount to peeling off scabs and exposing wounds to infection over and over again. The end of 2015 is not a great time to pretend that the mincing of words will produce progress and forward motion because information is not the same thing as knowledge nor does it have anything to do with wisdom.

Focus on finding peace of mind and spend time quietly strengthening your own integrity. The beauty of this approach to life’s problems is that you need no permission and no attention from anyone. This is the kind of independent strength of mind and body that this week’s T-square seeks to inspire. 

December 7th -13th

I. 9 of Swords  II. The Last Judgment  III. Queen of Pentacles

Monday/Tuesday – Nine of Swords

The Moon is conjunct Venus in Scorpio on Monday. Raw emotions and shadow elements of your psychological state may emerge. Cruelty to yourself and cruelty to others is a theme to watch out for. gargoyle_yvons-parisThe nine of swords describes a state of reactionary emotional response to fear and trauma, so it is likely that nightmares and overblown worries may tint your perspective towards darkness and foreboding.

On Tuesday, you may brighten  up a bit as the Sun makes a trine with Uranus. Relieve your fears by remaining open to new ideas about how to reinvent your circumstances! Whatever it is that holds you back in fear can be changed! You will feel the truth of this on Tuesday and it will give you some insight into what you might want to work on after the upcoming New Moon.

Wednesday/Thursday – The Last Judgment

726831c12ac1329c03fcaf368025faf1On Wednesday night, Mercury enters Capricorn, a sign that will use your intelligence to create some order out of chaos. Mercury in Capricorn will be keen on achieving something substantial: this is the mind for getting results! This is the first glimpse of a real New Year’s resolution.

Capricorn is much more practical than Sagittarius, so you may find that you suddenly have a head for problem-solving again: a great antidote to fear and confusion. However, Mercury in Capricorn will still benefit greatly from a retreat to safe quiet places. Mercury in Capricorn needs sanctuary in order to carefully contemplate power, control, and hierarchical influences.

Think of a judge who adjourns to their chambers in order to consider the case. Think of a king who retires to consult with his advisors before making any decisions.  Meditation is the best use of your mind this week.

On Thursday, the Moon will conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius, activating the square with Neptune. This may trigger a bit of an emotional trial for you if you are reluctant to release old grudges or beliefs that are no longer relevant to your progress.

The Last Judgment Card does not give much advice about what kind of decision should be made, but it does indicate that the decisions you are making now are hugely important for the direction of your life. Pay heed to impulsiveness and rash behavior.

Be as sober as a judge in the middle of the week, because Venus in Scorpio will be trined to Neptune in Pisces, meaning that your own dreams and idealism could easily lure you into an escapist trap. Fatalism may seem oddly glamorous and seductive.

Moreover, the T-square between Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries will create an erratic mixture of feelings and mixed messages within your own psyche that might obscure your common sense. The safest way to navigate such a time is to move slowly and stay as grounded as possible in the body with exercise and meditation. Again, you don’t need to make any huge decisions right now, or open up a dialogue about anything. Stay firmly rooted to the earth, aware of your breath, and receptive to the process of deep contemplation. Claim your sanctuary without hesitation.Reims_Cathedrale_Notre_Dame_interior_002

Friday/Saturday/Sunday- The Queen of Pentacles

On Friday, the New Moon in Sagittarius will energize the Mars/Uranus opposition while squaring Jupiter in Virgo. A sense of urgency may overtake you and there will be some kind of a healing crisis in your life! A healing crisis refers to a moment in the healing process when symptoms get worse before they get better. Anyone who has detoxed from drugs knows this well, but it also happens when you are waiting for skin to heal from a rash or broken bones to fuse back together. To have a healing crisis at the New Moon is a very positive thing. The next lunation cycle will begin your life in 2016 on a much healthier foot.

Everyone has something in their life that is experienced as an unstoppable force of will meeting an immovable object. Banging your head into a wall that will never yield is not the answer. This weekend, you will discover that there really is another way to get where you want to go. As the Moon conjuncts Pluto on Sunday, your instincts will flare up giving you the willpower to become victorious in whatever power struggles you may be involved in. 

The Queen of Pentacles tells the story of a spirit who has traveled through an unforgiving desert, but who has finally arrived in a place where the earth is fertile and the renewal of her health can be supported. The desert dried out all festering bacteria and evaporated all tears, leaving the Queen of Pentacles with heightened senses for navigation and sharpened wits for communication.

This weekend does promise reward for your recent spiritual efforts, as you made the journey through your own mind even though it was too hot and dry to offer much comfort. You may now use your keener senses to flourish and prosper in the future, offering warmth and kindness to others. The Queen of Pentacles offers an oasis wherever she goes.


<3 Aeolian Heart <3

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