I Think I Was Enchanted ~ January 11th-17th, 2016

I Think I Was Enchanted

by Emily Dickinson

I think I was enchanted

When first a sombre Girl—

I read that Foreign Lady—

The Dark—felt beautiful— 

And whether it was noon at night—

Or only Heaven—at Noon—

For very Lunacy of Light

I had not power to tell—


The Bees—became as Butterflies—

The Butterflies—as Swans—

Approached—and spurned the narrow Grass—

And just the meanest Tunes


That Nature murmured to herself

To keep herself in Cheer—

I took for Giants—practising

Titanic Opera—


The Days—to Mighty Metres stept—

The Homeliest—adorned

As if unto a Jubilee

’Twere suddenly confirmed—


I could not have defined the change—

Conversion of the Mind

Like Sanctifying in the Soul—

Is witnessed—not explained—


’Twas a Divine Insanity—

The Danger to be Sane

Should I again experience—

’Tis Antidote to turn—


To Tomes of solid Witchcraft—

Magicians be asleep—

But Magic—hath an Element

Like Deity—to keep

The great American poet, Emily Dickinson, was well aware of the power of poetry to stimulate the alteration of one’s consciousness. In the poem, she acknowledges herself as a transcendent visionary awakened to magical consciousness through the enchantment of poetry.


“I Read that Foreign Lady” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

In I Think I Was Enchanted, Dickinson confesses that her poetic gifts come from the realm of mystery, where the dark is beautiful and amorphous, obliterating the mundane world with ecstatic revelation. Dickinson offers the reader the same enchantment of spirit through her immense vision of the anima, where the unifying soul or breath of life is made manifest in all things.

This week will be one that will recall many of the themes from this poem. Expect a magical awakening!


The Voyage of Life-Youth -by Thomas Cole -1842

Having set intentions for the year on the Solstice, at the New Year, and again during last weekend’s New Moon in Capricorn, the waxing moon will finally begin to lead you towards the natural realization of many of your goals this week.

There will be several excellent aspects to Jupiter, sure to brighten your enthusiasm and inventiveness. Meanwhile, the lingering Uranus- Pluto square continues to clear away self-deception, leading you towards your own revelations and initiations into divine consciousness!


This week will offer many opportunities for conversion of the mind through transcendent experience. Also, with Mercury in retrograde, the power of language to evoke revelation will continue to increase.

During the retrograde, habitual thought patterns are interrupted, creating perceptual dissonance, discord and disharmony. But, these interruptions in your routine are ultimately for your benefit because without the introduction of new modes of thought, there would be worlds of emotional experience and philosophical inquiry that you would miss out on entirely. In other words, Mercury retrogrades prevent you from becoming mentally blasé.

There is a lot of creative support from the planets this week, but with both Jupiter and Mercury retrograde, it stands to reason that your creative endeavors will involve re-visiting and revising old projects and pastimes that perhaps you have not considered in awhile.


Penning A Letter by George Goodwin Killburne

It may be that you are able to write a poem like Dickinson’s, recalling a profound moment in the past when you were initiated into art, magic, and/or spirituality.

Or, it may be that you finally finish a song that you started writing ten years ago, adding a decade of new life experience to its meaning. Or perhaps you might pick up where you left off with an old friend, finally putting the past behind you, no longer allowing it to ruin your relationship.

No matter how this week manifests in circumstance, there is a lot of progress and expansion to be made and perhaps even a conversion experience. You may drastically shift an opinion or totally transform a lingering habit into something fruitful.


January 11th-18

I. Ace of Wands II. Knight of Swords III. Justice

Monday/Tuesday: The Ace of Wands

On Tuesday, Venus in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries. Old friendships may feel revitalized and new friendships can be forged very favorably. This will be a great day to revive any aspect of your life that seems stagnant, or to actually “upcycle” old clothes and furniture into something fresh and delightful to your senses.

“And whether it was noon at night—

Or only Heaven—at Noon—

For very Lunacy of Light

I had not power to tell—. . .”

The Ace of Wands promises a breakthrough moment of inspiration, where the phrase, carpe diem will resonate powerfully with your will to experiment with your life.


You may feel sleepless, not in a ragged worn out way, but in a “touched by genius” sort of way. The “very Lunacy of Light” will illuminate some new way of proceeding towards your greatest ambitions, even as your greatest ambitions shape-shift, altering their meaning and purpose.

“The Bees—became as Butterflies—

The Butterflies—as Swans—

Wednesday/Thursday: The Knight of Swords

On Wednesday, as the Sun in Capricorn makes a perfect trine to Jupiter in Virgo, there will be some feeling of exuberance and celebration in the air.

“…The Days—to Mighty Metres stept—

The Homeliest—adorned

As if unto a Jubilee

’Twere suddenly confirmed—”

This makes the middle of the week an excellent time to begin anything that needs a boost of cheerful optimism. This is an aspect between earth signs, so practical endeavors that pertain to your safety, security, and health will be highly favored.


Lamia by John William Waterhouse (1905)

The Knight of Swords indicates that you are likely to receive good news in the middle of the week. In fact, between Venus trined Uranus and the Sun trined Jupiter, it’s quite likely that you’ll enjoy some kind of creative and/or financial opportunity.

To strengthen the impact of this abundant good fortune, on Thursday, Mercury will conjunct the Sun and join the trine to Jupiter. This brings a lot of powerful ability in regards to being able to revise and rethink your own work.

vase-of-flowers-in-the-winter-gardenFor example, you might replant your garden with a more intelligent understanding of how to help everything to flourish.

You might re-write a business plan with much better knowledge of how to apply your ideas to the real world.

Or maybe, you will finally guess the correct lottery numbers, having tried and failed so many times before.

No matter what happens, this is a brilliant day for you to feel good about life and thankful for the opportunity to experience it.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday – Justice

“…I could not have defined the change—

Conversion of the Mind

Like Sanctifying in the Soul—

Is witnessed—not explained—”

On Saturday, Mars in Scorpio will trine Neptune in Pisces, perhaps diffusing any super competitive tendencies. With consideration to the Uranus/Pluto square and the Mercury retrograde, this aspect may evoke experiences that are both dreamy and delusional: perhaps even summoning a profound mystical experience or shocking synchronicity. It will likely be something, “witnessed – not explained.


La Via Lattea by Alfred Stevens (1885)

In addition, Venus is squaring Jupiter, which inspires an indulgent luxurious quality to these days. Throw a party for yourself! That would be in the spirit of this weekend. You will feel called to immerse yourself in pleasure.

However, this square may create one of those moments when benevolent Jupiter becomes overindulgent, ultimately creating issues of overeating, overspending, and overdoing everything. This is where the Justice card offers its advice.

justiceThe Justice card, in concert with the Ace of Wands from the beginning of the week, indicates that there is great good fortune coming your way. (Jupiter has been busy) However, Justice reminds you to remain objective and rational rather than getting giddy on the bubbles.

The Justice card is one that foretells of the need to be decisive. Nine times out of ten, in order to make good decisions, one must not get drunk on optimism. The danger of doing so leads to becoming a person with an inflated ego that believes their own hype. (always a trainwreck waiting to happen)

 “’Twas a Divine Insanity—

The Danger to be Sane

Should I again experience—

’Tis Antidote to turn—”

Enjoy yourself and celebrate this weekend, but with forbearance and modesty. Remember that in order to handle any kind of success long-term, you will need a clear head and a humble attitude. And in order for the universe to imbue you with the ecstatic power of revelation, you must remain lucid and receptive.


Emily Dickinson, circa 1850.

“. . . But Magic—hath an Element

Like Deity—to keep—”

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